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Most Popular eCommerce Product Pages | #2 Product Insights

Although your website includes a huge variety of products, some of your products may be more popular than others and drive more traffic. The popularity may be about your products’ attractive image, competitive price, increasing trend or just because you show just a few of your products in your ads.
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eCommerce Reports & Insights from heybooster

heybooster is your AI analytics assistant that uses your marketing data to find revenue growth opportunities.
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6 Things to Do If Your Shopify Traffic Is High but There’re No Sales Your buyer persona is an essential consideration when attempting to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify business. Taking into consideration their characteristics, interests, habits, and motivations, buyer personas are in-depth portraits of your ideal clients.
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Get Your eCommerce Revenue Growth Bible! First of all, we would like to say that we have created an e-book for you, in which we have compiled all the secrets of e-commerce revenue growth .. Don't forget to read our e-book for your questions and solution suggestions and contact us for the solutions you are looking for!
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How to Detect the Products with High Sales Potential in Google Analytics If you do not know your most promising products in sales, you are missing some of the key opportunities for the success of your eCommerce store. Get to know your own products!
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Why Are Your Facebook Ads Getting Clicks but No Conversions (Including Solutions!) If your Facebook Ads are not delivering the conversion rate you expect, maybe you don't have enough data about your audience. Targeting the right audience is critical for your ads to perform well.
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Reducing Ad Campaign Bounce Rates for eCommerce Companies It might seem like a great thing if your eCommerce store is getting a lot of visits. But are these visitors really interacting with your website? If you are suffering from high bounce rates, your visitors who click through ad campaigns to reach your website leave without any further interaction.
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Why Your Facebook Ads Bounce Rate Is So High?. Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook page when you saw an advertisement that simply caused you to scoff and move on? It's not just you! In fact, it's not unusual for Facebook advertisements to have a high bounce rate, which is the number of viewers who view the advertisement before leaving without acting.

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Getting eCommerce Out-Of-Stock Reports with in Minutes Your website is driving traffic from both organic search and paid campaigns, and you're getting tons of views and clicks. What could be bad in this scenario? These are the kind of achievements that every eCommerce marketing team aims for.

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Identify Your Products with High Sales Potential Do you think you can reveal the true potential of your products? If you are not sure about your answer, we can say that you are not able to reveal the best of your overall business marketing performance.

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Find the Best Time to Run Google Ads During Shopping Seasons & Increase Your Revenue! A piece of information from the friendly data analysis tool of your neighborhood: Google Ads may be doing things behind your back and wasting your money, and you may not be aware of this.

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Finding Sales Opportunities through Facebook Ads The lack of positive feedback about product strategies that are planned effort and time can cause great disappointment. Although this may seem like something related only to the product with a low conversion rate, it actually affects the performance of your other products.