Product Update May'22

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Hey there,

This is Nesly, head of product at heybooster. We have some updates based on your feedback.

A quick reminder we have a discovery group where we talked about the next features of heybooster. In return, we prioritize your problems to solve.  If you would like to be part of the journey, just reply to this message.

Google Ads API Update

Because Google Ads depreciated its API, we also migrate all of our services to the new Google Ads API. It impacts all of you who track anomalies and get Google Ads optimization insights from heybooster.

If you still did not re-authenticate your connection, I highly recommend you to do it in order to utilize heybooster.

What’s new with the new Google Ads API;

  • All your existing reports are renewed except for Brand CPC Insight, this currently works only for the users who have the Enterprise plan.

Google Ads Insight Updates;

  • Campaigns have increased conversion but lost impression share: This helps you catch an opportunity with a campaign having trends and increasing conversion, but it is losing more potential customers.
  • Hot Products on Your Shopping & Performance Max Campaigns:  Trends and your customer needs may change, you should be able to listen to it and feature the best products that fit their needs. Heybooster helps you to control the products you spend your campaign’s budget on it and which one has better ROI.
  • Anomalies in Campaigns’ Cost, Conversion & Click: heybooster now control each of your campaigns and alert you if any anomaly is detected compared to the last 7 days' data. It will give you confidence that your ads running as you expected.
  • Product Pages whose bounce rate is increased: If you do not have stockout data on Google Analytics, it is easier to detect the product that the customers lost interest in due to stock issues or poor performance. Higher bounce rates indicate more dissatisfied customers.

Try these insights!

Customize Your Weekly Email With Your Bookmarks*

With this update, now you are able to design your own weekly report by bookmarking the insights on your heybooster Panel. The bookmarked insights will be sent to you weekly basis by default, so you don't even have to sign in to control important insights.

*Bookmarking = Include it in the weekly email

Early Access Program for Google Analytics 4:

We are inviting you to a new program where we discover Google Analytics 4 insights together. If you already set up your Google analytics 4 and it started to turn into your nightmare, join us in making Google analytics 4 insightful.

Register to the program

If you didn’t set it up yet, we also help our customers to set up their Google Analytics 4, just reply to this email.




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