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Last Updated: 31.10.2022

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Yet, these are not the only strong suits we have. The confidentiality of the personal data we collect and the process is extremely important to us too.
What is this text - Privacy Policy?

We are a highly sensitive company in terms of the privacy and security of the personal information we process. This significance and sensitivity are also among our legal obligations.

The General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and related legislation established the obligations of data controllers who process personal data, as well as the rights of data subjects including you. Within the context of this sensitivity, we intended to inform you of the applicable obligations and rights in this Privacy Policy.

This Policy provides you with access to more in-depth information about the personal data we obtain and process as a result of your visit to our website (, including the types of data we can process, for what purpose, in what manner, for how long, as well as the rights you have with regard to the personal data we obtain and process.

What is personal data?
The textbook definition of personal data is information about a specific natural person. For data or information to be regarded as "personal data," it should be able to lead to the data subject.

Personal data may include, for instance, an ID or Security number, name-surname information in the format John Carpenter, and an IP address in the format

When any of these personal data is collected, recorded, and used as part of a system, this is known as data processing. For instance, if you record the names and phone numbers of guests in a guestbook, you are processing the personal data of each guest.

Many individuals, businesses, and institutions are incapable of functioning without access to the personal data of their target audience. This includes HeyBooster too. Similarly, we must process some of your personal information to serve you in the best way possible. In fact, without your personal data, it is impossible for us to provide an accurate service. Please be aware that by using our services or accessing our website, you are indicating that you have read and understood this privacy policy.

Below, we've provided a detailed explanation of the types of personal data we process, why we process them, and what falls within the purview of the processing activity.

What kind of personal data will you process? Why? How?

Let us start by stating that the personal data we process can vary depending on your relationship with Heybooster and the extent of the service if any, that you receive. For this purpose, we advise that you carefully read the explanations concerning personal data.

💻 Data processed through our website:
• When you visit our website, we may process the personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide to us (for instance, the data you enter when you fill out our membership form such as your name and surname, email address, place of work, domain address, and Linkedin profile, as well as the encrypted version of the credit card information that you save for payment). This allows us to respond to your needs and provide an experience that is as beneficial as possible.

• For us to be able to deliver our services, we require some data, which we will acquire from third-party service providers like Google and Facebook. In this regard, we access the service providers that you permit us to access, and we perform our services by instantly retrieving and processing the data within the extent of this access permission that we require. Please note that we only keep the data we obtain from these connections as in the processed form.

Heybooster uses and transfers the information received from Google APIs to other apps that are adhered to in Google API Services User Data Policy, including the limited use requirements."

• In order to offer you a seamless and effective experience when you visit our website, we may process the data provided by your browser to our server (such as logs) as well as the data we gather through cookies and similar technologies.

• When you actively interact with us through our website or other methods on our website (such as e-mail), we may process the personal data you voluntarily share (such as your name-surname, e-mail address, and correspondence) to satisfy your needs.

• When you actively communicate with us through our website or other methods on our website (i.e. as e-mail), we may process the personal data you freely share (such as your name-surname, e-mail address, and correspondence) to meet your demands.

📄 Data processed for performing pre-contractual and contractual transactions (GDPR 6/1-b)

• If you get in touch with us to apply for open positions and career opportunities listed on our website, we'll use the personal information you provide us (like your name and last name, email address, phone number, application letter, resume details, a photo, a copy of your diploma or certificate, and references, etc.) to review your application and assess the hiring process.

• You might receive emails from us for marketing purposes or information on topics like membership, contracts, new services, promotions, and campaigns. If you choose to comply with this request and sign up for our newsletters via our website or e-mails, we reserve the right to use the personal data you provide (such as your name, last name, and email address) in order to send you our newsletters (please remember that you can cancel your subscription at any time by following the instructions provided in the newsletter, on our website, or in an email.).

• Notwithstanding the second paragraph, to be able to provide our Services we may need to integrate your account into your other accounts on third parties such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc., we process the e-mail addresses you use for the integration and permit us to access services provided by a third party and the information created by such third parties referring to the integration.

👍 Personal data we process based on your explicit consent (GDPR 6/1-a- Explicit Consent)

• In various fields where you can share your personal information on membership, service purchase, information receipt, subscription, and similar issues through our website, you can see signs suggesting that it is "necessary" to fill in the relevant space. These fields must be filled out for the proposed transaction to complete. Without the necessary information, we are unable to complete the transaction and fulfil the request. We will recognize that by submitting your information into these fields, including the e-mail addresses you use for the integration of and permitting us to access to services of a third party, you have given explicit consent to the use of your personal data.

🌐 Log records/files (GDPR 6/1-f-Legitimate Interest)

• Simply visiting our website will not require you to directly disclose any personal information or data to us in any way. You are also free to browse our website without revealing any personal information. Only then, keep in mind that we are able to access the data that the browser sends to the website's server.

• We can process these data, which are referred to as log records, to fulfil our legal obligations and for commercial interests (such as analysis of customer potential, target audience analysis, and performing marketing activities).

• The following details might be found in the log records we're talking about:

• Date and time information regarding your visit to our website,

• The type, version, and settings of your Internet browser,

• The operating system and the internet service provider,

• Your activity on our website, including the pages and files you view, clicks, and screen movements (your screen movements are processed anonymously only while you actively use our website, and exclusively for the purpose of analyzing which page, which part, and for how long you view it)

• The website that you were on before you visit our website,

• Your IP address and in connection with that, tokens generated by the third parties to access your account that you permitted us to access (IP address is also known as the number that is automatically allocated to your device and enables you to interact on a network via the use of the internet protocol (IP) of the device through which you are accessing our website)

• The processing of your personal data is required to improve the functionality and ensure the stability, and security of our website. Due to this, we may analyze this data for statistical and security reasons (for statistical purposes, your IP address is only processed as anonymized).

🍪 Cookies

These are small text files that contain cookie-related information that is stored on your device as you browse our website. Cookies cannot access, read, or modify other information saved on your device. ⛔

Cookies are only kept on your device by the browser that you use when you visit our website, and they are only used for the following purposes (Remember to read our Cookie Policy for more information on this).
3rd Parties

We, like every other business, strive to maintain the most up-to-date products and services and to meet the needs of our customers in the manner that is most congruent with their expectations. To this end, we engage in preventive audit processes to identify and address possible problems and we are constantly working to improve our processes.

We are required to share some personally identifiable information with third parties so that these services may be delivered in a way that satisfies your needs to the best.

The disclosure to third parties does not take place like: "Hey, Third Party service provider. This is John Doe, our prospective customer. His e-mail address is, so save it to your system." This isn’t how it plays out. We use certain service providers’ services and while doing that some of your personal data is kept in their infrastructures.

The data kept on the systems of these 3rd parties are protected by the most advanced security methods permitted by legislation. You can examine the data that we share, with whom, and why, as well as the privacy policies of these companies through the table that is provided below. 👇

(Including interns) Employees
We may share your personal data with third parties in order to fulfil requests you make for certain services via our website.
(You are already here )

We use it to reach and access potential connections.
Growbots - Privacy Policy

Linkedin Sales Navigator
We use it to reach and access potential connections.
Linkedin - Privacy Policy

Google Analytics
We can track the pages viewed, the activities, and the clicks to increase effectiveness.
Google - Privacy Policy

Google Cloud
The companies where we obtain third-party services transmit the data to Google servers through API, and the required transactions are completed on this server.
Google - Privacy Policy

We receive and process your activities on our website, the product features you choose, and your email data to differentiate these decisions to improve effectiveness.
Amplitude-Privacy Policy

We collect and process the screen movements on our website by matching them to your emails to provide more personalized service.
Fullstory - Privacy Policy

We collect and process user screen movements on our website to gauge activity levels and conduct statistical analysis. However,  there is no matching with personal data.
Hotjar - Privacy Policy

We store the email, name-surname, and Linkedin profile information of the users.
MongoDB - Privacy Policy Amazon Web Services

The companies where we obtain third-party services transmit the data to Amazon servers through API, and the required transactions are completed on this server. Also, we are receiving a hosting service.
Amazon - Privacy Policy

In addition to these, we can share information with

• Other individuals or companies by obtaining your approval, if necessary

• Data protection authorities, which are responsible for the control and regulation of personal data, as a part of legislation or to support our legal claims and defences, criminal and judicial authorities, our attorney, forensic specialists, consultants, and third parties who can advise us in this context.        
In addition, it is important to note that not all of the parties listed above are active in the countries that constitute the European Union. Consequently, we would like to remind you that these companies are not required to comply with European Union rules (you can find the list of countries where necessary security is provided by the Union here). In fact, according to the local legislation of the country in which it operates, any company with which we exchange data may share such data with the local authorities and courts of that nation.
Links and addresses on

You might come across certain links and addresses of other people, sites, and platforms when you visit These links and addresses may be offered to show you some of our references, clients, or news, or to refer you to other sites that we believe may be of interest to you.
Yet, we cannot be held liable for the content of these links and addresses. You leave Heybooster's domain when you click on these links or go to the addresses (URLs). As a result of the fact that we are uncertain of what personal data is accessible in this new domain if it is shared with a third party, and whether the appropriate safety measures are undertaken.

As a result, if you click on a link or address on our website, be sure to read the privacy policy of the website you are visiting.
How long the process will take?

We assure you that your personal data is stored safely in an electronic environment in line with all applicable procedures and laws.
Personal data will be retained on the necessary servers in accordance with the infrastructures and storage services we use and will be erased or anonymized after the applicable storage period expires. After all, we can't process your personal data indefinitely.

• We typically store personal data regarding log files and cookies for three (3) months. It is nonetheless possible to preserve the relevant data for longer than three (3) months to examine any abnormalities or security breaches that may have occurred within our system. The length of time that the data is stored may change based on both the nature of the data and the purposes that it serves. Therefore, if you still haven't reviewed our Cookie Policy, please do so.

• Aside from this specific context, we will, as a general rule, store personal data for as long as is required and sufficient for the accomplishment of our processing objective. For instance, we may be required to store your personal information for as long as our business and contractual relationship with you is in effect.

• However, this is not the only criterion for determining the period. To comply with various legal requirements, personal data may be kept on file for varying lengths of time. For instance, according to tax legislation, we are obligated to store tax-related papers for seven (7) years.

• Nonetheless, the statutory limitation for some rights and claims might extend to thirty (30) years. In order to comply with legal demands that may be made against us, we may also be required to retain your information until it becomes time-barred.
However, keep in mind and rest assured that if we do not have a valid basis and justification to store your personal data, we will promptly delete or anonymize the data.

How can you exercise your rights?

You may exercise your rights below and ask us questions about your personal data anytime you want:
• To access your personal data,

• To learn whether your personal data is processed or not,

• To request information about which data of personal data are processed if any, how they were obtained, their correctness, storage, and also whether they were transferred to third parties or abroad,

• To learn the reason for processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the initial purpose,

• To learn about the third parties to whom your personal data are transferred at home or abroad,

• If you think that your personal data has been processed incompletely or incorrectly, demanding their correction and notify the third parties to whom the data of the transactions transferred within this scope.

• To request that the personal data gathered and/or processed in conformity with the legislation be deleted or anonymized when the reasons necessitating its processing have ceased and that the third parties to whom the personal data has been transmitted be informed of the transactions.

• Objecting decisions after the processed data has been examined by automated processing if it is concluded against you (We do not process your personal data for the purpose of taking decisions based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning you).

• To request compensation for the loss in case you incur losses due to the unlawful processing of your personal data,
• Opposing the processing of your personal data,
• Requesting restriction of processing of personal data,
• Data portability.

To claim your rights, you don't have to go through a lot of difficulties. By getting in touch with the Data Protection Officer, whose details are provided below, you may quickly submit your request. Regarding your request, our data protection officer will be in touch shortly.

If you feel that your rights have been violated, you may also file a complaint with the competent data protection authority (Data Protection Inspectorate Estonia).
Name : Neslihan Büşra Emikoğlu
Email :

♾️ Will this Privacy Policy be valid forever?

The only thing that doesn't change is the change itself.

The world, technology, our daily lives, regulations, and many other things that can be pertinent to this text might change every day. This privacy policy may sometimes need to be amended due to factors like updated legal requirements, changes in the scope of our operations, or shortcomings in the content.

Thanks to this change process, we intend to provide service under the most current circumstances. But don't worry! If we change the privacy policy, we will keep it constantly accessible and post the modification at the same address.