How to keep clients' budgets on track?

Have you ever overspent on a campaign and not noticed it for a long time? It only takes a simple human mistake to ruin a client's campaign.

Overspending on a campaign leads to a stressful situation making you hurry to handle it as quickly as possible. Instead of solving the budget issues after you spend way more than you’ve planned, you can choose to be on track beforehand. To do so, there’s no need to spend tons of time checking if everything’s going right. All you need to do is connect your Google Ads & Facebook account to heybooster. Then, you can rest assured knowing when one of your campaigns spends more than expected, you’ll get alerts.

What exactly does the budget-tracking feature of heybooster?

  • Informs you when there’s an increase of 20% in the last 7 days or an increase of 40% in the previous 24 hours in your ad spending
  • Predict the month-end value from the first day of the month
  • Send alerts to the team if heybooster predicts overspending or underspending.
  • Show how much of your budget is spent

Start Track Client’s Budget

If you would like to learn more about how you can use heybooster for your clients, let's meet!


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