Get eCommerce Anomaly Alerts into Your Inbox

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If you are active in marketing, you probably use different platforms/channels to grow your eCommerce business. Each of these platforms has important insight & issues that you need to care about. But how can you catch it all and improve?

Basically, there are thousands of different data points that affect your key metrics. When you saw a drop in revenue, it could be just because of facebook ads frequency or maybe organic impression of your website.

Here is an example of one of the important sources for your business; Google Analytics. You can't imagine how the data is branching and becoming more complex.

Therefore, it's normal to miss an unnoticed change, but it can be deadly important in order to hit your goals.

heybooster helps you to control all these points, and it works like your teammate; analyzes these platforms for you and sends anomalies to your and your teammate’s inbox. So you don’t need even to log in, you can catch the changes while reading your emails.

If you would like to start receiving these emails, connect your data sources like Google Analytics and activate the alerts.

Hey, if you are new here, I am Neslihan, head of product at heybooster. Reply with thumbs up 👍 if you want me to set it up heybooster with anomaly alerts for your account.

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