How to Get Product Performance Reports in GA4: A Quick and Easy Guide

In the process of transitioning to Google Analytics 4, many people are wondering how they can prepare the reports they were able to create in Google Analytics Universal in GA4. 

The truth is that GA4 has a complex structure similar to Google Analytics. 

If you haven't received any training, there may not be many resources available other than the many videos you may need to watch on YouTube to obtain a product performance report.

  • This situation can lead you to waste time trying to understand the structure of GA4 while trying to automate things to save time. 
  • Therefore, all you need is to be able to see the reports that will enable you to perform product performance analysis on a single screen, completely automatically.

So, since Google Analytics 4 is so complex, how can you obtain the report you need?

With heybooster of course!

How to get product performance report with heybooster

heybooster automatically prepares your product performance report in seconds. Moreover, these reports show the points where you can improve, rather than just giving a situation analysis. This gives you a starting point for strategizing.

Then let's see how the steps to get the product performance report, which is quite complicated in GA4, are in heybooster!

  1. First, quickly sign up for heybooster
  2. In the second step, click on the Integrations title on the left and connect data sources with heybooster.
  1. In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Product performance package.
  1. That's it! Now reports are ready to allow you to analyze product performance!

Moreover, heybooster notifies you instantly when there is any anomaly in your data, thanks to the Set a Notification option. So you never lose control.

What should be included in the product performance report?

Knowing how users interact with your products is critical when it comes to product performance. Many of the heybooster insights are built to help you understand the user-product relationship when analyzing product performance. Let's take a look at them!

Products with high sales potential

Products with high potential are those that best fit consumers' search intents and have a strong appeal to them. So if your offerings do not match these needs when converting consumers from leads to actual customers, they often have minimal sales potential. 

That is why specific measures exist to determine whether a product has great potential. 

heybooster's “Products with high sales potential” insight ranks your products according to their performance on certain metrics. A total score is created for each product based on their performance in these metrics.

If your products have a high score, it means they are called high potential products.

So how are they scored?

The basic metrics for determining the sales potential of a product are;

• Product details view

• Product add-to-cart rate

• Cart to detail rate

• Purchase

• Price

• Revenue

These metrics are valuable for understanding how users interact with the product.

heybooster creates this report completely automatically and allows you to analyze product performance. Moreover, it is a much simpler and faster process than creating a product performance report in Google Analytics 4.

So why is it important to find products with high sales potential? Find out the details now!

High add to cart but low purchase

Although it may seem very simple for users to complete the purchasing phase of a product, it is a complex process. In the slightest problem they encounter during this process, they are likely to leave the products in the basket and bounce.

For this reason, it is very critical to identify products that many users interact with but have not completed the purchasing process. Because if these products are left in the cart, this is probably due to users encountering a problem or not finding exactly what they are looking for.

Take a look at our blog post where we explain why users don't buy products even though they add them to the cart and their solutions!

heybooster detects products that many users add to cart but do not purchase. Moreover, although creating this report is quite complicated in Google Analytics 4, you can get this report in seconds with heybooster.

In this way, you can unlock the true potential of the products and ensure the best performance!

High-spending products that do not convert

It is normal to expect products that you spend high on advertising to have a high ROI. However, this may not always be a performance you can catch. Because some products may not attract the attention of users enough due to many factors.

Moreover, this problem may occur not only because it does not meet the expectations on the basis of users, but also because of wrong advertising strategies. Identifying these products and making the necessary improvements is critical.

Learn how to do Track your budget to avoid over/under spending now!

heybooster product detects high-spending products that do not converts for you in your performance report. Thus, you can take quick action and control the situation.

Stockout products show up on ads

Advertising a product that is out of stock can result in significant loss of budget and potential customers.

If users see that your product is out of stock as much as possible to review your product from the platforms where you run your ads, they will probably bounce from your website with disappointment. In the long run, this harms brand reputation and can also prevent you from creating loyal custormers.

It also means wasting your budget. By promoting out-of-stock products, you create a wrong strategy and lose revenue.

Therefore, it is very critical to detect out-of-stock products and take action quickly.

With heybooster, it is very easy to get a report on out-of-stock products. You can create this report in seconds with heybooster, which does not require technical knowledge as in Google Analytics 4.

Thus, you will both make your potential customers happy and not harm your budget!

Best selling products

Identifying the products with the most sales is important for several reasons. By identifying these products, you can understand what customers are interested in and what they want most. Thus, you can both catch trends and analyze user behavior.

On the other hand, you can optimize your pricing strategy by identifying the best selling products. If there is a high demand for a product, you can adjust the price in a way that will not make your customers unhappy. Thus, your profit rate will increase.

On the other hand, you will find products that you want to concentrate your advertising budget on. By highlighting the best selling products that are already performing very well on advertising platforms, you can make them visible to more users.

Finding the best products to promote will put you ahead of the competition.

Moreover, unlike Google Analytics 4, you can get your report quickly without requiring any technical knowledge.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, transitioning to Google Analytics 4 can be a complicated process, and understanding how to generate reports in GA4 can be time-consuming. However, Heybooster offers a solution to this problem by providing an automated product performance analysis that displays reports on a single screen.

With heybooster, users can quickly identify high sales potential products and products with a high add-to-cart but low purchase rate, among other valuable insights. By using Heybooster, you can save time and develop effective strategies to improve your products and increase the sales potential. 

Overall, heybooster offers a user-friendly and efficient way to perform product performance analysis in Google Analytics 4.

Moreover, unlike Google Analytics 4, you can get your report quickly without requiring any technical knowledge.

Now, join heybooster and get your product performance report!


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