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Your website is driving traffic from both organic search and paid campaigns, and you're getting tons of views and clicks. What could be bad in this scenario? These are the kind of achievements that every eCommerce marketing team aims for. Despite all this, you may still not reach your targeted revenue.

In other words, while everything seems great, the details you overlook in the background can affect your overall business marketing performance. For example, not getting regular eCommerce out-of-stock reportsūü§®

Of course, many different factors can cause this situation, but one of the points you should focus on and regularly track is whether the products you promote to users organically or through ads are in stock.

Sometimes products continue to drive traffic to your website, but if they're out of stock, you're only losing revenue and customers. In this case, although the products perform very well in many metrics, they create problems that can snowball. To prevent such problems from growing, you need to quickly detect out-of-stock products.

Why Is Getting Out-Of-Stock Reports Crucial for eCommerce Websites?

In fact, simply we can say that if the product is not in stock, you cannot sell that product, and this will cause you to lose revenue. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Deep down, there are many different aspects that can affect your marketing performance. Let's see what these are!

1)Happy customers = Loyal customersÔŅĹ

This is a point where we need to say the sentence we always say. If you want to achieve high sales rates and profits, you always need to put yourself in the shoes of the users. Think about it, you like the image and description of a product among dozens of websites, and you want to buy it. However, when you want to buy the product, you suddenly see the sentence "this product is out of stock". You will probably experience disappointment. Giving users this negativity will cause them to leave your website dissatisfied.

If you are not a very well-known brand with a large share of the market, users may not visit your website and your products again because of this negative experience. So, your number of loyal customers will decrease.

If you regularly identify out-of-stock products, users will complete the process in a faster and more controlled way, as they will not encounter such a problem during the purchasing phase. In this way, your authority in the eyes of users will not decrease and you will have more loyal customers.

2)Don't lose your customers to competitorsūüŹÉ

When you put yourself in the customers' shoes again, if you cannot find the product you are looking for on a website, you have two options in front of you: You can either leave the website you're on first to look for the same or similar product in other brands, or you can be a loyal customer and wait until the stocks are replenished. However, according to a study, 21% to 43% of users will leave your site to look for another website or brand if they cannot find the product they are looking for in your online store. In other words, competitors are attracting visitors who prefer to shop with you by taking advantage of your absence.

This can harm you in many ways. If you are not a very big brand, you miss the opportunity to show yourself and your quality because you cannot send users the product they want. Therefore, you may have trouble reaching a large enough audience. For this reason, no matter what, make sure that the products you offer to users are always in stock. If you no longer plan to sell a product, remove it directly from your product feed. Otherwise, this will not only cause users to be dissatisfied with you, but it will also mean extra spending for you.

3) Keep your budget under control ūüíį

Especially if you are trying to promote your products through advertising and the product you are promoting is out of stock, unfortunately, your money is wasted.

Because every time users view your product through the ad, you pay a certain amount of money. Normally, if you manage to make a certain amount of sales against this click cost, these small costs will not be a problem for you. However, if users encounter out-of-stock products, they will probably leave your site without buying any products, considering the rate mentioned above. This means that your advertising budget will be spent uncontrollably. However, if you get eCommerce out-of-stock reports, you will not encounter such problems and you will be able to control and optimize your marketing budget on time.

How to Get Out-Of-Stock Reports in Minutes

We understand the importance of detecting out-of-stock products, let's look at how to detect these products. Of course, not the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. It may be possible to do it manually if your company is not a big one. However, it will not be an effective method considering the stress and effort it will cause you.

Another important point is that you should be aware of this situation as soon as a product is out of stock. Otherwise, you may face the problems mentioned above.

You need a tool that will inform you about out-of-stock products completely automatically and quickly and provide you with an eCommerce out-of-stock report. Yes, heybooster, which combines so many features for you at a single point, is ready for duty as alwaysūüėé

With heybooster you can quickly identify out-of-stock products and make the necessary improvements. But, of course, the most important point is to be immediately notified when a product is out of stock. Thanks to the option to turn on notifications in heybooster, you can be notified of the situation in the slightest changes.

Well then, let's see how you can easily access the eCommerce out-of-stock report with heybooster:

1) The first thing you need to do to step into the magic world of heybooster is to register!

2) In the second step, click on Integrations on the left side and connect heybooster with data sources.

3)In the third step, click on the Insight categories heading on the left side and run Revenue Growth Opportunities package

4) Then click on The most abandoned products in the cart.

5) And that's it! By clicking on Set a Notification, you can be aware of instant changes and take action.


To summarize everything we are talking about, if a product is out of stock and you are not immediately aware of this situation, it can cause different problems for both you and your users. While you lose potential customers and related revenue, the authority of your brand may also decrease. At the same time, users who cannot buy the product they want from your website may turn to compete companies.

All these are related to each other and if out-of-stock products are not detected quickly, they can grow with a snowball effect. Therefore, you can eliminate all these problems with the eCommerce out-of-stock report.

Now, meet heybooster and out-of-stock products will never be a problem for you again!


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