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Marketing Audit

Audit All Your Digital Marketing

There are a lot of different digital marketing channels you expect revenue or sessions. An unnoticed change on one of the channels can turn upside down all your marketing performance. heybooster helps you assess your current online marketing performance, pinpointing areas that need improvement and highlighting opportunities.

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Goal Forecasting

KPI Prediction & Tracking

After weeks and weeks of furious campaign planning, strategy & operation, you finally make it ready. And now it is time for counting dollars. There is just one problem - who will track everything is going as it is planned?

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Anomaly Detection

Peformance Anomalies Detection

An unnoticed anomaly in marketing campaigns wastes your budget and also prevents you from achieving your targets.

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Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Insights

Even if you are doing everything right on ads or SEO, your revenue may not increase as you expected. But why? Before alarming your team, consider the reason behind the visitor does not complete the purchase.

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Product Perfomance

Product Perfomance Analysis

When the customers who need your product are matched with the right product on your website, boom, you maximize revenues. The first step is having control over which product pages you drive traffic to and how they perform. No worries, heybooster analyzes your product performance by traffic channel, category and brand and provides insights.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Audit

To make decisions based on Google Analytics, you must always keep data quality high and have the right setup. However, Google Analytics data might get ruined due to even small changes in your website design. heybooster audit your Google Analytics and repeats it daily and sends you a notification if something is broken or fixed.

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Weekly Summary Email

Weekly Summary Email

In between all of your work, it is hard to follow the work done on marketing and actually, you don’t want to be controlling every move your team or agency partner makes. heybooster sends you a summary email every week that includes the performance changes but also opportunities & actionable analysis.

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SEO Insights

Tracking the return on SEO investment and evaluating your strategy is not one time task and yes it takes time to see the effect on the revenue directly. However, with heybooster SEO insights, you can follow the improvement and the issues that need your attention.

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Create Your Own Insight

Custom Insights

While automated insights detect changes and analysis by ML and system-defined conditions, Custom insights enable you to set the conditions to control the changes in your data that matters for your business.

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From measurement to product based performance, heybooster reveal the issues on your accounts.