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Detect slow-loading pages

As page load time goes from 1s to 3s, bounce rate increases by 40%, resulting in lost revenue. Identify and improve slow-loading pages to retain visitors and increase your revenue.

Don't lose customers to stockouts

83% of customers would leave a store without making a purchase if the item they wanted was out of stock. Better inventory management can help you retain customers and increase sales.

Stop wasting your ad budget

Small and medium-sized businesses waste an average of 25% of their total pay-per-click (PPC) budget due to overspending. Overspending can result in wasted budget and missed opportunities.

See your position loss

Websites on the first page of search results generate 92% of all traffic and revenue from an average search. Check to see which pages you may be losing out on this opportunity.

Product Performance Anomalies

  • Stockout products with increased impressions
  • Products with high traffic but low conversions
  • Decrease in product traffic from ads
  • Products with sales significantly below average
10+ anomalies tracked

SEO Anomalies

  • Critical changes in organic impressions
  • Position loss in high volume keywords
  • Decrease in organic traffic for high-traffic pages
  • Volume loss in brand keyword searches
  • Drops in non-brand traffic
10+ anomalies tracked

Paid Marketing Anomalies

  • Paused campaigns
  • Overspending campaigns
  • Campaign costs exceeding the allocated budget
  • Active campaigns that stop spending
  • Slow loading-pages with paid traffic
10+ anomalies tracked

Conversion Rate Anomalies

  • Sharp decline in revenue
  • Add-to-cart button not working
  • Increase in number of abandoned carts
  • Decrease in number of checkouts
10+ anomalies tracked

Anomaly is the solution for marketing managers who want to stay on top of their marketing metrics with ease.

With alerts, and deep insights into anomalies, you can quickly identify and solve problems, optimize your marketing strategy, and prevent revenue loss.
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