Get Anomaly Alerts

Early detection of the changes in your marketing

heybooster detects issues before they impact a large part of your revenue and alerts the team. Rather than checking the metrics every day, your team can focus more on the strategy and improve it.

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Set up alerts to your reports

For an eCommerce site, there are approximately 600k different data points. This prevents you from noticing data changes, even when diving into the dashboard. heybooster alerts you when important changes pop up.

Detect unexpectedly trending up or down

heybooster helps agencies catch the changes on the accounts before their client’s key metrics are affected.

Party alerts for hitting records

The team is unaware of the significant success they achieved, while they can highlight it. If the team hit the records and gets the highest revenue, heybooster sends an alert to congratulate them on their success.

Get daily alerts when your campaign did not meet their target

By getting an alert when your campaigns miss the daily target, you can fix it before you miss your monthly goal.

In 10 min Get Your Marketing Insights

From measurement to product based performance, heybooster reveal the issues on your accounts.