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Executive Marketing Summary to Your Email

If you are active in marketing, you probably use different platforms/channels to grow your eCommerce business. Each of these platforms has important insight & issues that you need to care about. But how can you catch it all and improve? heybooster works like your teammate and analyze these platform for you and send a prioritized list of insights to your inbox.

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Get weekly performance summary email

In between all of your work, It is hard to follow the work done in marketing and its effect on your revenue. heybooster sends you a weekly summary email  with the latest performance changes and ROI growth opportunities.

Daily insights in your inbox like an analyst would

No time to check another platform in your daily routine, heybooster interprets the reports for you and sends them directly to your inbox. So you don’t need even to log in.

Alert your team for the unexpected changes that have an impact on revenue

When a key metric trends up or down, don’t wait to see it end of the month's reports. heybooster sends a notification to the team email and slack channel before it has a huge impact on your main goal.

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