Have you checked whether your remarketing tools showcase the "right" products?

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Remarketing tools are designed to help you re-engage customers with products they've interacted with on your website.

But are you confident that these tools are highlighting the right products?

Remarketing tools can be triggered by various problematic scenarios, such as:

  • Products that attract high traffic due to their unique or expensive nature but not selling
  • Accessory items that are upsold at the point of purchase for just a dollar or two -which you don't want to spend any bucks to promote
  • Products purchased not through ads but by loyal customers who visit your site specifically to buy them (think staple items like onions if you're in the grocery business)

In these situations, just because your products are being viewed doesn't mean they should continue to be promoted by your remarketing tools.

You may end up wasting money by showing ads for products that won't convert or that you'd prefer not to showcase in remarketing campaigns.

What's the solution?

heybooster compares your top-selling products with those displayed in your remarketing efforts, helping you identify which items you should avoid promoting in remarketing campaigns.

Start analyzing with heybooster today!


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