What's the best Performance Max setup for eCommerce?

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If you're an eCommerce manager using Google's Performance Max campaigns, you might wonder how to get the most bang for your buck.

After analyzing dozens, if not hundreds, of Performance Max setups across various eCommerce brands, we've identified a strategy that consistently outperforms others.

The key? �

Could you sort your asset groups by product category! Simple as that.

Why categorize asset groups?

heybooster identifies top product categories and asset groups that got traffic from Performance Max and

To improve our marketing revenue, it is important to gather more data on Performance Max, even though it remains a black box and is expected to remain so.

By setting up campaigns to collect data, we can better determine how to maximize our marketing efforts.

Categorizing asset groups by product category lets you see which categories give you the most marketing revenue!

You can allocate your ad spend more effectively, scaling up on profitable categories and cutting back on those that underperform.

So, what's next?

Check ROAS by Category

Look at how much return you're getting for each product category. This will help you see what's paying off.

Find Your Winners

Identify asset groups with good performance but low budgets. These are your opportunities to make more money with little effort.

Scale Smartly

This data will pump more budget into the high-performing, under-budgeted asset groups. You can create new campaigns focused solely on these winners.

By being strategic with your Performance Max asset groups, you're not just throwing money at the wall and seeing what sticks. You're making calculated decisions that maximize your marketing revenue.

Start analyzing with heybooster and maximize marketing revenue.


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