A new version of the Google Ads API is now available! Be sure to authenticate.

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Neslihan Emikoglu
May 10, 2022

In order to continue receiving Google Ads insights, anomaly alerts, and opportunity notifications, Google requested to update the Google Ads connection. We kindly ask you to re-authenticate your Google Ads connection on heybooster.

It takes only 10 seconds and no need to do anything else just click plus (+) sign and re-authenticate with the already integrated Google mail.

What you will get after connecting with the new Google Ads API?

Although Google changes so many things on its API schema, heybooster manages all the work for you and reshapes the insights.

Other than the existing Google Ads Insights, you will also get the insight related with

  • Ads Extension; which extension is working best for your specific audience, which one wastes your budget?
  • Placements; Are your ads displayed in the right places that your potential customers engage with?
  • Keyword Planning; potential keywords that you cover with their volume, it also helps you to understand your SEO performance.

Do not postpone, it is the last call!
If you are still suspicious about doing it right now, do not postpone, let me do it for you on a quick call while drinking our virtual coffees, pick the most convenient time :)


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