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Although your website includes a huge variety of products, some of your products may be more popular than others and drive more traffic.

The popularity may be about your products’ attractive image, competitive price, increasing trend or just because you show just a few of your products in your ads. What you need is not only to control which product page you are investing in more and which one has more return.

Product Page View vs Product Landing Page View

When you are evaluating the performance of your products, you should take into consideration these two different types of product page visits; a product page that users view during the visit vs a product page that users directly landed on.

If you promote a category page like televisions in your ads, a user landed on a list and may view more than one product after they click your ads and land on your website. So you expect to increase the category revenue, not a specific product. However, if you promote a product and invest a part of your budget in the product, you should expect to sell this specific product :)

How do you find out the product you invest in?

Google Analytics is a powerful solution to collect all your product and page-level data. However, in order to analyze the performance of product landing pages, you need a digital data analyst who checks measurement accuracy, blends the data, automates it and creates a job on it to control each day and send you an alert if it finds unexpected changes on the report.

The process of manually analyzing these pages' performance isn’t an easy task, you can hire a full-time data analyst here or use heybooster insights to analyze your product performance continuously.

heybooster will help you to see the most viewed products and product landing pages with their performance comparison.

Step 1: Connect your Google Analytics & Google Ads

To track the most popular products and their performance, first, you should connect your data sources. Once you add your data sources with a few clicks, the setup will be done automatically in seconds.

Step 2: Activate Product Performance Insights

After connecting your accounts, the next step is to activate your product performance insights. These categories will provide more than 15 different insights in terms of your account data.

Step 3: Click “Most Viewed Product Landing Pages by Source Medium”

From the list of product insights, click “Most Viewed Product Landing Pages by Source Medium”; it will list the most popular product with the channel they drove traffic.

Step 4: Set a notification to get an alert if the most popular product pages have low performance

Click set a notification and select the notification type as “Whenever change happened”, it will send you a notification if the top products have low performance in terms of transaction and bounce rate.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed our guide on how to find your most popular eCommerce product pages. Now, activate your product insights and optimize overall campaign performance.


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