How to Migrate Mailchimp to Klaviyo

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Bengü Demirtaş
Mar 3, 2023

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If you are thinking of changing your email marketing tool, you may be looking for ways to migrate Mailchimp to Klaviyo. You may be thinking whether migrating to another tool will be worth the effort and you may be worried about the process. While the process of switching from one email marketing tool to another may seem daunting, if you pick the right tool for your business needs, you will quickly notice the differences. 

But why should you consider switching to a better email marketing tool? Will there be that much difference in revenue if you migrate from Mailchimp to Klaviyo? You may need to consider switching because email marketing is one of the most important channels that B2C and B2B marketing companies drive traffic to their websites. Having seamless email marketing also has an effect on your social media marketing. 

But one of the most important challenges that a B2C and B2B marketers face in email marketing is creating the right email for the right audience. This is why having a strong email marketing tool is important for quick and effortless success. You need to strengthen your visuals, take care of your copy and make sure that you have alternative email templates that fit different customer segments that you are trying to reach out to. Your email marketing tool must accommodate all your needs through efficient tools and an easy to use interface. 

Let’s see how you can migrate from Mailchimp to an email marketing tool that fits your business needs better! But first, we need to make sure that you know what you are looking for in an email marketing tool. You might want to check out your options before you commit! 💌

Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo

Before you start to migrate Mailchimp to Klaviyo, we must make sure that your new email marketing tool has everything you need. If you are thinking of switching from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, you might want to check out the differences between the tools and see if Klaviyo is the right choice. 

A growth marketing tool that helps you connect with customers through email, sms or in-app notifications will help you immensely in increasing revenue and converting new customers. Using the right email marketing tool means reaching the right audience based on the way that your visitors interact with your content. If you want to reach out to your visitors and potential customers to increase revenue, do not underestimate the power of a well-crafted email. 


Available Features: Klaviyo surpasses Mailchimp with its automation features, customization options and analytics. While Mailchimp also offers similar features, they are not available for in-depth use and can remain surface-level for marketing professionals that prefer discovering the roots of a possible problem.

Ease of Use: Since it does not offer a lot of in-depth features with a potential for complications, Mailchimp is considerably easier to use than Klaviyo. There is not much of a learning curve to get through with Mailchimp. You can dive in right away. 

Digital marketing: Mailchimp’s redeeming quality is that it offers integration with marketing channels other than email, like landing pages or ads. However, Mailchimp does not have SMS service. 


Data Integration: One of the considerable advantages that Klaviyo offers is its data integration features. Klaviyo will collect data from your marketing channels to inform your email templates and help you craft different alternatives based on how your customers and visitors interact with your content. 

Personalization: Through its data integration features, Klaviyo allows for personalization of your email templates and helps you catch the attention of your potential customers based on their own personalized data. This means that you can refer to your potential customers’ past interaction with your website in your email which will help make your visitors feel cared for upon receiving your email. It will also help you better target your email marketing campaigns. 

Learning Curve: While the platform is fairly easy to use in the long run, learning the ins and outs of the features may take some time. Users have pointed out that the initial learning curve can be challenging which may lead you to waste a bit of time trying to figure out how to progress on the tool. This may be a problem if you need an immediate solution and don’t have the time to go through a challenging learning process. 

Another problem that users have pointed out is that the dashboards on Klaviyo can be difficult to understand if you are working with a bigger chunk of data across multiple platforms. The data visualization can be messy.

Some users have admitted to needing an external platform to visualize the data to render their reports more easy to understand. Externalizing your reports may become a time consuming task later on. heybooster simplifies this process for you through prioritized automated reporting and gives you easy-to-understand reports with clear and actionable insights to improve your eCommerce strategy. 

Pricing: Pricing is one of the biggest complaints that users of Klaviyo across the world have voiced. Unfortunately, Klaviyo’s pricing can be overwhelming for small to medium size eCommerce companies. Another problem is that because there is no longer an “unlimited contacts” option in any of the price tiers, the more contacts you add on to your list, the more you have to pay. This can be a problem for rapidly growing companies with an extending audience. 

How to migrate Mailchimp to Klaviyo

  1. Disconnect the integration between Mailchimp and your eCommerce platform. 
  2. Integrate Mailchimp to Klaviyo. To do this, you will need to create an API key on Mailchimp. This is fairly easy. All you need to do is to go to your Account on Mailchimp and find the Extras option. Then, click on Create a Key and copy. Then you can head to Klaviyo Integrations and click on Mailchimp. You can paste your API key to finish the process. 
  3. You can pick the type of data you want to bring from Mailchimp through the Advanced Integration option.  
  4. Import the Mailchimp tags to Klaviyo. It is unfortunately impossible to automate this process as Klaviyo does not allow you to import your Mailchimp tags. Export your tags and then add them on Klaviyo separately. Your tags will appear as custom properties. 
  5. Re-do your Mailchimp templates on Klaviyo. Now, you can start creating new templates on Klaviyo. If you want, you can also export your pre-existing templates on Mailchimp as HTML and import to Klaviyo. 


However, if you would prefer a more holistic marketing analysis tool to give you insights into improving your marketing strategy, a tool that focuses on more than email marketing, we promise you that you will not find a better tool than heybooster. heybooster does not only take care of your email marketing analysis, it also takes care of your SEO, your product performance, social media marketing strategy and all other areas you can think of to find the best opportunities for revenue growth. 

Even if you are using the best email marketing tool, you still need an efficient and insightful marketing analysis tool to figure out where to find the growth opportunities in your email marketing as well as in your SEO, social media, product pages, search engine ads and more. heybooster takes care of all your marketing business through its automated reporting, anomaly alerts and advanced integration options. 

You can lay back and let heybooster do the work. heybooster will give you the insights you need to improve your marketing strategy, and this way you can improve your email marketing without having to get lost on the complicated data visualizations that can take hours to figure out on Klaviyo. 

Why pick heybooster? 

Revenue Growth Opportunities: heybooster shows you the places where you can find the most attractive revenue growth opportunities by giving you the performance score of each of your products. Once you see which products have the potential to perform better, optimizing your email marketing strategy is a piece of cake. 

Anomaly Alerts: Whenever there is an unexpected change in your data, heybooster will notify you immediately. This feature saves you an immense amount of time as you do not need to keep checking your reports for anomalies constantly. This way you can focus on growing your revenue rather than worrying about the changes in your data. 

Collaborative Features: heybooster is perfect for marketing teams with a collaborative strategy. Its collaborative features like comments, sharing options and version control, the whole team can be on top of a task without complications. 

How to join the world of heybooster? 

  1. Go to the sign up page and enter through the gates of heybooster! 
  2. Once you are logged in, head to integrations and click on data source. Then add the data source of your choice to connect your data. 
  1. Once your sources are integrated, click on Insight Categories on the left panel and head to Revenue Growth Opportunities. 


While Klaviyo may be good alternative for growth marketers with a specific focus on email marketing, unfortunately, it will not be the solution when it comes to other marketing channels like Google ads, landing pages, social media or SEO content. So, Mailchimp to Klaviyo migration might not give you all you need at the end of the process.

This is why heybooster is here! With heybooster you will have a detailed yet clear grasp of revenue growth opportunities in your marketing strategy. This way, you can focus on many different areas of growth and improve your business from multiple ends. 

Join the world of heybooster and start improving your business with minimal effort and let heybooster do the work for you! 


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