Google Analytics 4 for eCommerce Shopping Funnel

Neslihan Emikoglu
Jun 24, 2022

The new Google Analytics is already a nightmare for most marketers. Although it has a moderately easy implementation for monitoring app + web users together, it is not friendly enough for eCommerce marketers.

If you have the correct setup, Big Query Integration and data analyst on your team, you are lucky, GA4 is a gold mine for you. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding and analyzing the basic reports you use, such as source/medium or product performance.

How do you understand Google Analytics 4?

It is a new experience for all of us so communities are the best place to read and share the experience. I highly recommend you to join #measure a slack community for Google Analytics geeks. It will help you improve your skills as a data analyst.

If you are not into data analysis and want to focus only on outcome and strategy, heybooster will be your virtual analyst to make sense of Google Analytics 4.

From its setup to the metrics, Google Analytics 4 completely different from the older one. However, it gives the same value and even more when you took the correct steps in order to make performance analysis.

Shopping Funnel Report

This is my favorite report on Google Analytics and how you can on Google Analytics 4.

This report will help you to monitor which steps you lost most of your users. If the completion rate is dropped specifically more than other steps, it may be alert for your team to make a detail analysis to figure out which browser it happened most, which channel drive low performed sessions.

This funnel steps is not prepared by default on Google Analytics 4.0, so you need to define the funnel steps before start with Shopping Funnel Reports.

There are lots of different Google Analytics 4 reports that will help you to find opportunities and issues on your website. Just reply with thumbs up 👍 if you want me to start a new email series about how to make sense of Google Analytics 4.

Furthermore currently heybooster team help its customers to setup Google Anaytics 4 for free, just fill this form if you need any help to setup and interpret Google Analytics.


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