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Neslihan Emikoglu
Mar 22, 2023

heybooster is your AI analytics assistant that uses your marketing data to find revenue growth opportunities.

Because of increasing and more complex data sources like Google Analytics 4, understanding how your marketing activities like ads, SEO, and CRO performs is also harder than ever. heybooster is a new data analysis experience tailored for eCommerce marketers that can provide them with actionable insights they need to control and make decisions.

I am here to explain to you how it works, and how it helps you to focus on marketing strategy with quick insights.

To clarify, I'll give you an example of Google Analytics.

Find answers to your questions

Google Analytics lets you track the performance metrics of your digital marketing activities. You can see revenue, cost, and CPC, but Analytics doesn't give you the reason why?

  • Why my revenue is decreasing?
  • How can I increase my conversion rate?
  • What are the best campaigns to allocate my marketing budget to?

The "How to Improve?" button will take you to insights into your KPI and you will see suggestions for how to improve it.

Monitor your measurement issues

To make decisions based on Google Analytics, you must always keep data quality high and have the right setup. However, Google Analytics data might get ruined due to even small changes in your website design.

Google Analytics can't detect measurement problems like when your account isn't GDPR compliant. Or tiny changes on your website can break Google Analytics, Google ads, and Facebook ads tracking. Even worse, if you have a conversion tracking issue, you'll waste your money on the wrong targeting.

heybooster repeats it daily and sends you a notification if something is broken or fixed.

  • Is your Google Analytics setup correct?
  • Is there a problem with measuring key metrics?
  • Is your Analytics account GDPR compliant?

Cross-platform reporting

Google, Facebook, and Tiktok are all competitors. Their measurement screens don't provide deep-dive analysis. As an example, Facebook ads never tell you anything about Google ads or vice versa. But as we all know, Facebook campaigns assist Google campaigns so both data should be included in our analysis. Data from different marketing sources can be blended into a single key, and then used.

Or even easier, heybooster already blends your marketing data. You can easily use them for your analysis like;

  • See how ranked the most converted Google ads keywords on Google organic search results.
  • See which Google shopping ads most converted products do not appear on Facebook ads.
  • See your landing page speed and how affect your Facebook ads performance.

Make data-driven decisions: Actionable eCommerce Insights

There are a lot of different data points to check while managing eCommerce marketing. To make things easier for your team, we categorized these data points by digital marketing fields such as Conversion rate optimization, Google search ads, etc.
Here are some examples from these insight categories;

Product Performance: Most important asset of your eCommerce store is the product but do you focus on the right product at right time? These insights will help you to analyze it easily.

  • Which products are viewed most on your website, and how do they perform? heybooster reveals the products that view most but do not sell.
  • How many of your users frustrate with stockout products? heybooster detects the Stockout Products that have paid traffic.
  • Which of your Products are active on Shopping / Pmax Campaigns?

Google Search Ads Performance: An opportunity to show up in the Google search results of potential customers but how effectively you are interacting with them? heybooster shows you actionable insights that help you to understand its performance.

  • Which queries have high CPC but do not convert; these waste your budgets.
  • Which paid keywords you are visible most and how is their organic performance?
  • Irrelevant ad queries that are landed on the wrong page.

Prioritize the Insights

heybooster users have access to avg more than 500 insights in their account. But who can take a look at 500 different insights, let's make it easier?

heybooster prioritizes the insights for you and categorizes them by their impacts; urgency, warning, and opportunity

Search Insights

heybooster makes analyses for you, just search for what you are looking for. You don't need to jump from platform to platform, or page to page on dashboards.

If you need reports on ROAS, just search ROAS; if you need reports about products, just search products. heybooster will list analyses related to your search.

Bookmark insights

Between a lot of insights, you may have some insights you want to keep an eye on and quickly review. Bookmarks are here for you; you can bookmark the most interesting insights for you to make them easier to reach. Moreover, by bookmarking, you can decide which insight you want to get on weekly email.

Data-Driven Management; Share insights and Move to In Progress

Each of heybooster insights is related to a potential action, and this action improves results. In order to work with your team quickly with a data-driven approach, we build these 2 important features;

  • You can create a sharable link for each insight so your team or agency can easily reach it and get action accordingly.
  • If you have already shared it with your team to take action, move the insight to the in-progress to focus your team on the projects they need to follow changes.

Weekly Summary to Your Inbox: Summary of what is changed

In between all of your work, It is hard to follow the work done in marketing and its effect on your revenue. heybooster sends you a weekly summary email with the latest performance changes and ROI growth opportunities

You can customize this email content with your bookmarks. So you don't have to log in to check the progress.

Last but not least;

We are a team of marketing data geeks that’s why we love to deep dive into data and find insights. Start Analysing Today!


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