#11 Actionable Insight: Automated Daily KPI Reporting

In order to allocate the marketing budget wisely, tracking the performance of each channel is critical. However, analyzing each channel's performance every day and predicting the run rate creates an additional workload.

After more than one hundred conversations with different eCommerce marketing managers, I noticed that most of them have a kind of excel sheet that is filled out by the specialist on their team. Channels, their current MTD performance, run rate, target and of course the difference between run rate and the target.

There are two main problems. First, it is not automated and the person wastes 1.5-hour managing this job. Secondly, the run rate is calculated considering only this month so cannot catch the trend changes.

Considering these challenges, we improved the KPI Tracking part of heybooster. Here is a quick reminder; heybooster KPI Tracking allow you to automate your KPI reporting by providing month-to-date, last day and prediction values and also alerts you if it is predicted you are off track. (if you are not likely to meet the target by the end of the month)

In the above video, I explained to you in more detail and show you how you can set your KPI on heybooster. However, if you don’t have time to set it up, do not postpone just contact us about your target, my team will do it for you for free.


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