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Neslihan Emikoglu
Oct 20, 2022

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15 Best Shopify Analytics Apps: Comparisons And Reviews

Shopify Analytics apps are extremely useful for digital marketing professionals. We have listed the 15 Best Shopify Analytics apps.

For digital marketing professionals who want to be on top of their customer journey, sales and marketing analysis at all times, Shopify Analytics apps are extremely useful.We have listed the 15 Best Shopify Analytics apps that will give you invaluable insight into your online business depending on your specific needs. Check out the best features each Shopify Analytics app offers and decide on which ones suit your needs best.

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Tracking Google Shopping Campaigns Product Impression Performance

Google Shopping Campaigns, which can help you at many different points such as increasing the traffic to your website, promoting your products and increasing your visibility, do not see enough value from time to time. Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the search query when users search for a specific product in the search engine.

By regularly tracking your impression, you can get information about how your performance is in general, thanks to other metrics. If the impression is too low, you can understand that there are some overlooked points such as the wrong advertising strategies and the problems we mentioned above.

Learn How To Control Your Shopping Campaigns Impression Performance

How To Get Google Ads Search Query Reports?

Although it is often thought that keywords and search query correspond to the same thing, there are actually important differences between them. A search query is words or phrases that people type into the search engine using keywords. Using the right keywords and combining them with the right words or phrases is an efficient method you can use to increase your business marketing performance.

With heybooster, you don't miss any detail and you get accurate information about Google Ads Search Queries Performance Reports, which are critical in many ways, fully automatically.

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15+ Insights to Optimize Performance Max for eCommerce

15 insights you need to look at to optimize Performance Max campaigns. By reviewing these, you can increase the ROAS of your PMax campaigns.

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