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SEO KPI Report

See your organic traffic metrics: clicks, impressions, ranking, sessions, and goal completions.

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SEO Keyword Report

Find out your keywords that drive traffic and get a list of their changes.

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Keyword Ranking Report

Find out your keywords that drive traffic and get their positions' changes.

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Best Performing Content

Get the top 100 new ranking keywords for your website.

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Monthly SEO Report

Compare your organic traffic to previous months and last year's.

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Weekly SEO Report

Track your organic traffic weekly and compare it to the previous year's performance.

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Landing Page SEO Report

Check the performance of the pages that generate organic traffic.

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SEO Visibility Report

Check the calculated upper and lower expectation values for your organic impression.

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Duplicated Content Report

Find duplicate titles that harm your organic performance.

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Keyword Ranking Drop

Identify where your website falls behind in keywords and improve your rankings.

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Rising Organic Keyword Rankings

Discover keywords where your website is making progress and improve your rankings further.

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Non-branded Keywords Visibility

Identify the keywords that are driving traffic to your website without mentioning your brand or site name.

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Opportunity Keywords

Uncover high-volume content on the second page of search results.

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New Ranking Keywords

Get the list of the top 100 new ranking keywords for your website.

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Move into the top 10 Keywords

Track the performance of your website's keywords that have ranked on the first page of search results.

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Keywords No Longer Ranked

Find your keywords are no longer ranking.

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More About  SEO Reports With Insights

What are SEO reports and insights what does it do for you?

SEO reports & insights is basically an overall look at the organic performance of a website. SEO reports help you track and understand your keyword rankings, top-performing pages, organic traffic drops, etc.

How to get an SEO report?

To originate your SEO reports & insights you can sign up to heybooster with a few clicks. Then, you can connect your data sources and get SEO reports & insights.

Why getting automated SEO reports & insights are game-changing?

If you are providing yourself or your clients with monthly SEO reports, you have to commute your time and energy to summarize the monthly SEO performance. By getting automated SEO reports, you’ll save time and get to-the-point insights.