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Nov 11, 2022

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Nobody likes to get lost among pages and pages of data only to end up tired and frustrated in the mess. Working on several SEO reports for multiple clients every month can be a nightmare of this sort. This is why automating the process through SEO reporting tools will save you both time and energy. What’s more, it will win over your clients in a heartbeat.  

What Are Automated SEO Reports?

Regular reports regarding how well a website is performing in search engine results are called automated SEO reports, and they are produced automatically by software programs like heybooster. Such indicators like the number of website visits, the average time of stay, the bounce rate, and the number of conversions are frequently included in these reports. Additionally, they could contain data about the performance of particular website pages as well as the website's position in search engine results for particular keywords.

You can benefit from automated SEO reports since they give a consistent, thorough assessment of how well your website is performing. Making data-driven decisions about how to optimize a website for search engines may help your business find areas for improvement. Automated SEO reports may help you save time and money by automating the generation and analysis of SEO data.

Furthermore, automatic SEO reports frequently include recommendations for enhancing a website's search engine optimization, such as by adding or optimizing particular keywords, speeding up the site's loading time, or resolving any technical issues that have been found.

The important point here is that this report should be received completely automatically. Apart from the ones we mentioned above, there are many different metrics that are of great importance. Trying to manually track all these metrics to boost your SEO performance will be quite difficult. In addition, Google Analytics can be quite challenging with its complex structure. Therefore, you will need a tool that will monitor these metrics regularly and also notify you of any changes in the data. So where is this perfect tool? Yes, right in front of you!

But before we get into the details, let's continue to learn more about Automated SEO Reports😊

How Do Automated SEO Reports Help Digital Marketers?

With automated SEO reporting, you no longer have to dig deep into a mountain of data to produce meaningful insights about your clients’ SEO strategy. Instead, you can review simple and comprehensive insights that SEO automated reporting provides for you.

Instead of rushing through deadlines to regularly present your manually driven findings, present automated monthly SEO reports for clients and focus more on growth strategies rather than the interpretation of data to steal your clients’ hearts.

Automated SEO reports will give you a clear picture of SEO KPIs on a single page that is accessible to clients who may not be overly familiar with the technical aspects of SEO. Thus, by using simplified and efficiently reviewed SEO insights generated by SEO reporting tools, you can spend less time interpreting the report for your clients.

How to Select KPIs for Your Automated SEO Reports

It can be difficult to choose the right KPIs to track your clients’ SEO performance accurately. You don’t want to fill up your monthly automated reports with irrelevant information that does not benefit the development of your clients’ strategy.

There are a few KPIs that you must include in your monthly automated SEO report to make sure that your clients are satisfied with the tracking of their performance.

Organic Impressions

Organic impressions are crucial for the correct evaluation of your clients’ SEO performance. Monthly and yearly comparisons of the organic impressions will help you set realistic goals.

Organic Sessions

Insight into your clients’ organic sessions goes hand in hand with their organic impressions. However, organic sessions should also tell you about what your client can improve about their design, copy, content, products, calls to action, payment process etc. based on the journey of the visitors across the website.

Keyword Rankings

Monthly comparisons of your clients’ keyword rankings help strategize content development. If you notice a dip in ranking for certain keywords, it may be time to be on the lookout for new trends.

Branded and Non-Branded Keyword Performance

Awareness of your clients’ branded and non-branded keyword performance is extremely helpful for the development of marketing and ad strategies. This one also greatly concerns budgeting issues as well as return on investment analyses, so it definitely deserves a spot on the list.

Page Rankings

If you want to move from your clients’ strengths to remedy their weaknesses, it would be a good idea to know which of your clients’ pages rank higher on search engines and drive organic traffic. This way you can fix the problems in your existing pages that rank lower and drive less traffic. This will also give insight into your most popular products.

How to Choose the Ideal Automated SEO Reporting Tool

Now you know why you need an automated SEO reporting tool. You also know what you need to make sure to track your automated reports. But which tool can you trust enough to delegate your reporting assignments to?

Well, heybooster of course! Not only does heybooster provide you with detailed and organized monthly reports carefully arranged to fit a single page, it also gives you insights into all the most significant KPIs your clients will want to know the most about.

Sign up for heybooster and get your free seo report to start impressing your clients every month ;)


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