Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 Page Load Time Report

If you don't want to fall behind in the competition, you should monitor the web page load time regularly. Let's take a look at how to do it!

Google Analytics Anomaly Detection | How To Detect Anomalies Of Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Anomaly Detection | How To Detect Anomalies Of Google Analytics Setup Start to detect anomalies on your Google Analytics setup! You track a lot of metrics like conversion rate, product page performance or cart abandonment etc.

Get Google Analytics Alerts and Reports In Slack

Get Google Analytics Alerts In Slack Get Google Analytics alerts and reports in Slack now! Integrate your Google Analytics account in a minute and start in get alerts and reports to Slack with heybooster. heybooster is a simple solution for getting Google Analytics reports in Slack and it’s fully free.

Payment Referral

The types of electronic payment methods are increasing day by day and many e-commerce businesses use these payment methods. That's actually a good thing, the easier the payment, the easier the purchase and the incentive to buy. However, the situation that broke the measurements of e-commerce businesses is with 2-step verification that takes place during this purchase process and redirecting to the site again.

Find & Fix | Duplicate Transactions

Sometimes when you look at your sales data, do you say there is something wrong with this? When you are analyzing your sales data, you might encounter with more purchase data(value) than you were expecting, it is pretty normal to be worried because this will cause your strategy to appear wrong.

Session & Click Differences

Today’s tips about missing the value of Google ads performance. It’s easy to assume that clicks and visits are essentially the same things. When the user clicks the Google ad, it counts as one-click for Google ads and one session for Google Analytics.

Get Top landing pages by session

You don't need worry about performance changes or missing opportunities, in one email, heybooster Google Analytics Weekly Report summarizes all.