Increase Your Sales with Google Analytics Product Details View Report

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ńįsmail Atasoy
Mar 28, 2023

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Tired of being able to count the money your eCommerce business makes even with your fingers? After hearing our advice that will force you to buy a money counter, there will probably not be such a problemūüėä

The product details page is the page where users can access details such as the product's photo, color, fabric, size options and customer reviews. It is important in many ways to explain the details of a product to users in a careful and detailed way. Because most of the time, users want to see the answers they are looking for on the product details page, instead of contacting you directly. Considering how impatient users are when shopping online, we are sure that the number of users who can ask you questions and wait for an answer is quite low‚ėĻ

Therefore, it is essential for eCommerce businesses to create a product details page that can respond to users' intent. At the same time, regularly tracking users' interactions with these details will give you a lot of insight.

One of the most functional Google Analytics automated reports used by many eCommerce marketing teams is the product details view report. This report can be evaluated from many different angles and used to create new strategies. Then if you're ready, grab a cup of coffee and let's take a look at the product page details view report!

How to Get a Google Analytics Product Details View Report

You must frequently track specific data and create reports if you want to target higher and enhance your business's eCommerce marketing success. Clearly, attempting to accomplish this manually will be a huge waste of time and energy, therefore automating and speeding up the process should be your first focus. Google Analytics will be the first thing you notice when you look at the tools you can use to do this.

To get the data you need and to frequently monitor it using Google Analytics, however, may not be as simple as you expect. Because Google Analytics has a system with a language and interface that are nearly exclusive to itself, learning to use it takes time and effort.

So, despite the fact that it is a tool you can use to create a comprehensive data analysis and map out a path for yourself it can be discouraging for you. Because of this, monitoring the detail view of your product and measuring KPIs for product performance with Google Analytics may first seem fairly difficult for you. As a result, it could make you lose interest and make it difficult for you to get the proper information at the start of the journey.

Under normal circumstances, you have to manually create the Google Analytics product details view report, which should be prepared for you automatically, from the custom reports section. After making many different adjustments, you can track the report regularly. However, for the reasons we mentioned above, Google Analytics may not be a very suitable tool for you.

That's why you require a helper, like heybooster, who can simplify even the most complicated structures for you while saving you both time and effort. Thanks to heybooster, you can quickly and easily access the data you're searching for without getting lost in Google Analytics' complicated structure, allowing you to move toward your objective with much more assurance.

1) To choose heybooster as your most important assistant on this long journey, the first thing you need to do is to register.

2) Secondly, click on the Integrations title from the menu on the left and connect the heybooster with the data sources.

3) Then run the Product Performance Reports package by clicking the Reports title from the left menu.

4) Now select Product Detail Views from the box above.

5) That's it! Now have the Product Detail Views report and you can make necessary moves with this!

What Is the Importance of Getting a Google Analytics Product Details View Report?    

As we always say, "Understanding the user is the first rule of increasing sales". Being able to analyze how users who come to your website interact with your products is one of the most important details that will enable you to stand out from your competitors. It gives data on the marketing performance of your product, whether users are curious about the product details, and also allows you to see the points where you are wrong.          

1) Compare and learnūü§ď

Of course, don't expect every product to perform very well. Some products will bring much better results depending on many factors, while other products may disappoint you. However, the point to be considered here is how underperforming products can be improved. To achieve this, you can use the product details view report, which is one of the Google Analytics custom reports.

You can make improvements on products that do not show the performance you expect by reviewing the strategies you apply in products with a high detail view. Because if users are interacting more with a particular product, it's obvious you're doing something right. For example, your visual selection or product title is more interesting in that product, or you may be applying a new advertising strategy to promote the product. By identifying such points, you can create new strategies for underperforming products.

2) Unlock true potential ūüöÄ

Sometimes users view the product details less, but the conversion rate of the product can be high. In such a case, you may not be able to bring out the full potential of your product, even though it may seem like there is no problem. Because if the number of users who spend enough time on the product page and view product details is low, but the conversion rate is high, you are not promoting it well enough.

If you create different strategies that will make users interact with the product more, it is likely that both the product details view rate and the conversion rate will increase. Thus, by boosting an already well-performing product, you take it to a more important level.

3) See your mistakes ūüßź

Although people frequently engage with your products extensively, you might not always get the ideal conversion rate. In such circumstances, there may be instances where you are unable to satisfactorily answer the users' search intents or inspire them with enough trust. Being aware of such circumstances might be a crucial first step in changing the tactics you employ in your products.

For example, if you haven't answered the possible questions that users might ask on the product detail page, users probably won't complete the next step. Another problem is that users may lose interest in the product as a result of your product not providing enough trust.

In order to detect and prevent such negativities, you should regularly perform product details view tracking. After all, your goal is to buy a money counter, right? ūü§Ď

How Tracking eCommerce Product Detail Views Metric Helps to Increase Your Revenue?  

Monitoring product detail views might provide you the chance to turn potential customers into paying users. Because high product detail views indicate that you have a product that customers find appealing and has a high likelihood of being purchased. Of course, focusing just on one statistic could not lead to revenue increase.

You can learn a lot from this, though.

You can see if you are drawing customers' interest but not getting them to make a purchase, for instance, if a product has a high product detail view statistic but a poor conversion rate.

As a result, you may indirectly boost revenue by working to give consumers the confidence they need during the second stage and by appropriately understanding their purchasing behavior.

It may be a very important point that you have missed if the conversion rate is high but the product detail view rate is low. In these situations, you may significantly boost your conversion rate and raise your income by taking efforts to guarantee that users interact with your offering. As a result, you may detect products with a high chance of sale, and by acting quickly, you improve your marketing success overall.        


To sum it up, regularly tracking the product details view rate can be much more functional than it seems. Because you can both analyze users' browsing habits and get information about what might be missing in your products. If you don't respond satisfactorily to users' search intents, your products probably won't perform as you expect.

Therefore, it is a very accurate method to increase sales by regularly monitoring the product details view and making the necessary optimizations.

Then, step into the magic world of heybooster now and increase your sales!



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