Understanding SEO Strategies: A Deep Dive into Keyword Ranking Reports

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İsmail Atasoy
May 31, 2023

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Did you know that only 63% of users click on the second-page results on Google? So, if you can't be visible on the first page, chances are your performance will always fall short of your expectations. Now, what does it take to be visible on the first page? The answer is simple: SEO keyword ranking report!

With a keyword ranking report, you can access crucial details about the performance of your keywords and gain new strategies. In this article, we will discuss:

  • What should be included in keyword ranking reports?
  • How to get these reports
  • Next strategies after getting keywords ranking reports

So, let's dive in!

What do keywords ranking reports include? 

There are several keywords ranking reports that will allow you to evaluate your website's SEO performance. We have listed the most important ones for you!

Keywords improving in ranking

Now, let's dig into our first insight: "keywords improving in ranking." This insightful report reveals the keywords that have experienced an upward shift in their position within search engine results. In simple terms, it means that these keywords are climbing the ladder, gaining more visibility and prominence in search rankings.

As you can see in the picture, heybooster displays the keywords that have shown improvement in their positions on Google, along with their previous positions. Additionally, by comparing impressions, it helps you understand how much contribution this improvement has made.

Now, let's take a closer look at the details regarding keywords improving in ranking!

Keywords declined in ranking

Keywords are the foundation of SEO, acting as signposts that guide search engines and users to your website. When keywords experience a decline in ranking, it means they are slipping down in search engine results pages, resulting in reduced visibility, and potentially impacting your website's organic traffic.

Don't worry; this insight presents an opportunity to refine your SEO strategy plans and regain lost ground.

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heybooster automatically lists your keywords that experience a loss in positions! This way, you can quickly identify any negative situations that may impact your organic performance and prevent the snowball effect.

While a few ranking drops may not be significant, detecting severe ranking declines in certain keywords is crucial. This is where heybooster offers you the anomaly alert feature!

With heybooster, you can see sudden changes in keyword performance completely automatically. heybooster continuously analyses the data for significant fluctuations 24/7 and sends you notifications via Slack and email. This allows you to track these reports automatically instead of manually controlling them!

Now learn the details about keywords declined in ranking!

Newly ranked keywords

Understanding the visibility of keywords appearing for the first time on the search engine results page (SERP) provides valuable insights into user intent analysis. By identifying these keywords, you gain the opportunity to comprehend the specific pain points users are currently experiencing and the solutions they are actively seeking.

heybooster's "Newly Ranked Keyword" insight allows you to identify keywords that hold potential opportunities for your website or content.

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By utilizing heybooster's "Newly Ranked Keyword" insight, you can prioritize keywords based on the impressions they have garnered. If a particular keyword has received over 100 impressions in the last 30 days, it signifies a significant level of interest from users. This presents an ideal opportunity for you to consider producing new content focused on that keyword.

Taking advantage of these newly ranked keywords can help you capitalize on emerging trends and user demand. By creating fresh content tailored to these keywords, you can increase your chances of attracting more organic traffic and engaging with a wider audience.

Learn more about newly ranked keywords!

First page keywords

First page keywords are crucial terms that have the power to place your landing pages among the top results on the first page of Google search. When your landing pages rank within the coveted top 10 positions on the search engine results page (SERP), it means that the keywords associated with those pages are considered first page keywords. 

These keywords significantly impact the visibility and accessibility of your website, enabling you to attract more organic traffic and reach a broader audience.

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Ranking on the first page of Google for targeted keywords indicates organic growth. This can assist you in increasing brand awareness, consumer engagement, and conversion rates.

Thus, you will also boost your landing page SEO performance!

By using heybooster you can identify first page keywords that can serve as a valuable indicator of the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. By monitoring the rankings of your chosen keywords over time, you gain insights into the success of your SEO strategies and areas that require improvement.

This analysis allows you to evaluate the performance of different approaches and determine which ones are yielding positive results.

Learn more about first page keywords!

Next strategies after getting keywords ranking reports

Now that you have your keyword ranking performance report, let's see what your next strategies should be! In this section, you can see examples of different uses of each insight in your report.

So, you can create your own strategy according to your industry and performance analysis!

Focus on Keywords Improving in Ranking

Take a closer look at the keywords that are climbing the ladder and gaining more visibility in search rankings. These keywords present an excellent opportunity for you to optimize further and capitalize on their growing popularity. 

Consider creating targeted content or optimizing existing pages to align with these keywords. By doing so, you can maximize their potential and attract even more organic traffic to your website.

Example: Let's say your keyword rankings report reveals that "best running shoes for beginners" has improved in ranking. You can create a comprehensive guide or a blog post that highlights the top running shoes suitable for beginners, covering factors like comfort, durability, and price. Optimize the content around this keyword and promote it to attract both search engine attention and user engagement.

Refine Your SEO Strategy for Keywords Declining in Ranking

Dive into the reasons behind the decline and assess whether your content needs updating, your backlink profile requires improvement, or there are technical issues affecting your website's performance. Make the necessary adjustments and monitor the impact of these changes over time.

Example: If your keyword rankings report indicates a decline in ranking for "affordable smartphone accessories," it's time to revamp the content on your accessory product pages. Update the descriptions, add new product recommendations, and provide pricing details to improve the user experience. Additionally, conduct outreach to reputable technology blogs or influencers to earn backlinks to your pages.

Leverage Newly Ranked Keywords

Identify these keywords and consider producing fresh, targeted content around them. By addressing these emerging trends, you can attract more organic traffic and engage with a wider audience eager for solutions.

Example: Imagine your keyword rankings report highlights the appearance of the keyword "eco-friendly home cleaning products." To leverage this opportunity, create a dedicated landing page that showcases a range of eco-friendly home cleaning products. 

Provide detailed descriptions, highlight their benefits, and offer tips for sustainable cleaning practices. Optimize the page with relevant headings, meta tags, and high-quality images. Additionally, create informative blog posts on eco-friendly cleaning methods and promote them through social media and email newsletters.

Create Opportunities with First Page Keywords

Prioritize optimizing your landing pages associated with these keywords. Ensure your content is highly relevant, engaging, and provides value to the users searching for those keywords.

Example: Suppose your keyword rankings report reveals that your website is ranking on the first page for "healthy vegan recipes." To leverage this opportunity, create a dedicated recipe section on your website with a wide variety of healthy vegan recipes. 

Include beautiful food images, detailed instructions, and nutritional information. Additionally, optimize the page with relevant schema markup to enhance its visibility in search results.

Monitor and Iterate

The key to success in the ever-changing world of SEO is continuous monitoring and iteration. Use heybooster's insights to track the performance of your chosen keywords over time. Evaluate the success of different approaches and identify areas that require improvement. Stay agile and adapt your strategy based on the data and trends you uncover.

How to get keywords ranking report

heybooster is ready to save you from complex interfaces and manual processes, enabling you to generate your keywords ranking report within seconds! You can effortlessly prepare your report completely automated and get ready to create new strategies.

So, how do you create a keywords position report?

  1. The first step is to sign up for heybooster.
  2. In the second step, click on the "Integrations" section on the left-hand side and connect your data sources with heybooster.
  1. In the third step, click on "Insight Categories" and run the "Keywords Position Report" package.
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  1. That's it! Your report is now ready! By selecting the "Set a Notification" option, you can receive notifications via email and Slack for any anomaly situations.
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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, achieving visibility on the first page of search engine results is crucial for maximizing your website's performance. With the help of SEO keyword ranking reports, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your keywords and develop effective strategies. 

These reports provide information on keywords that are improving in ranking, keywords that have declined in ranking, newly ranked keywords, and first page keywords. By capitalizing on keywords that are climbing the ranks, refining your SEO strategy for declining keywords, leveraging newly ranked keywords, and focusing on first page keywords, you can optimize your website's visibility and attract organic traffic. 

Additionally, continuous monitoring and iteration, using heybooster, allow you to adapt your strategies based on data and trends. By generating keyword ranking reports effortlessly and automating the process, you can stay ahead of the competition and drive the success of your eCommerce business.

Now, join heybooster and create your SEO keywords ranking report!


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