What are Component Events ?

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Hakan Budak
Mar 24, 2023

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Hello everyone, my dear readers. The weather is really cold and I am not leaving the house anymore. Today, I wanted to share with you the information I just learned. This week we will talk to you about a new topic.
If you are ready, let’s start talking about the Vue component event!

What are component events?

Component events in Vue.js are a way to communicate between components. They allow components to emit and listen to events in a way that is both flexible and scalable. This is useful when you want to share data or trigger an action in another component.

How to emit events in a component

To emit an event in a component, you use the $emit method. This method takes two arguments: the name of the event and an optional payload. For example:



     <button @click="$emit('increment', 1)">Increment</button>



In this example, when the button is clicked, the component emits an event named “increment” with a payload of 1.

How to listen for events in a component

To listen for events in a component, you use the v-on directive. For example:



    <counter-component v-on:increment="increment"></counter-component>




export default {

 methods: {

   increment(value) {

    this.count += value;


    },  data() {  

           return {  

               count: 0    





In this example, the parent component is listening for the “increment” event emitted by the counter-component. When the event is emitted, the parent component's increment method is called with the payload of 1.


Component events are an essential part of building scalable and maintainable applications with Vue.js. By using events, you can ensure that components remain loosely coupled, making it easier to manage and modify your code over time. Whether you’re building a simple app or a complex system, mastering component events is a critical step in becoming a successful Vue.js developer.

About to talk to him next week — maybe even sooner — for different information, commands, or whatever you call it. Winter tea with ginger, honey and cinnamon will increase your resistance against cold weather. Bon appetit, stay healthy.


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