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Neslihan Emikoglu
Jul 21, 2022

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Understanding Google Analytics 4: Upcoming heybooster Insights

A complex and new data set is completely changing how we look at Google Analytics. It gives a more detailed analysis, but only if you work on the reports, connect to Big Query and create queries that repeat daily.

heybooster connects with Google Analytics 4 and starts discovering insights that help you to utilize GA4. Here are some examples…

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Get eCommerce Anomaly Alerts into Your Inbox

There are thousands of different data points that affect your key metrics. When you see a drop in revenue, it could be just because of Facebook ads frequency or maybe an organic impression of your website.

But how can you catch it all and improve? When it comes to analyzing the reason behind the drop in revenue from your websites, who will be in charge of each of these metrics?

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5 Most Shared SEO Insights

Tracking the return on SEO investment and evaluating your strategy is not a one-time task; it takes time to directly see the effect on the revenue. However, how can you be sure it is getting better every day?

Although Google evaluates over 200 ranking factors in its algorithm, it is unrealistic to track all of them as a business owner, consultant or marketing manager. Here are 5 important insights that will provide insight regularly and alert you to changes when they occur.

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New Insight | Catching The Growing Product Categories

When your customers’ interests change, some categories may show up and get more views than others, perhaps due to seasonality or trends. To shift your investment and keep up with these trends based on the trending category, you need to be assisted by online shoppers’ behaviour.

Catch the growing product categories with new heybooster product insight.

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