Are you truly maximizing the potential of trending products?

Some products sell more due to seasonal trends or shifting consumer behaviors.

As an eCommerce manager, you're in a unique position to spot these trends early.

With stock control, you can quickly identify which products are selling like hotcakes or those emerging as potential best-sellers.

But, are you truly maximizing their potential?

Consider this: A product that suddenly starts flying off the shelves might be generating more revenue from one of your Google campaigns.

But what if that same trending product could also be a hit on Facebook? 💡

Featuring this product on Facebook might just be the key to boosting your overall revenue.

heybooster checks where your traffic comes from and finds products that do well on one platform but might not be on others. Start using heybooster.


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Get Top landing pages by session

You don't need worry about performance changes or missing opportunities, in one email, heybooster Google Analytics Weekly Report summarizes all.