#8 Actionable Insights: Week-to-Date (WTD) Comparison for eCommerces

To ensure the week by week growth, how do you track your website performance? What's your business doing this week compared to last week?

In heybooster, we have more than 2k different eCommerce businesses around the world and I am making interviewing most of them. And here is what I was surprised… Most managers said that their favourite insight is “Weekly E-commerce Metrics Details”.

At first, I was surprised but then I understood why it is. In the mornings when they check out this insight, they can clearly see how the week is going for their website. The warning tag indicates that this week we made less money than last week; it compares this week to date with the previous week, up to and the same day of the week.

The report in this insight also guides you to which metric you have lost and need to dig into. Here is the mini-case study; one of our users shared with me that they notice the negative revenue change with this insight. They also saw that product view per session is the main reason behind the change, it decreased compared to the previous week. But it is just the beginning.

They were prompted to check out the other insights on the Product Performance category and surprise surprise… Product listing pages’ bounce rate is increased because the results are not related to the users’ search because of the new featured products widget. That’s huge 😱

If you also want to get notified daily of these changes, do not forget to activate the insight and set a notification to get whenever changes happen!


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