Using Multiple Channels to Maximize Conversion

Due to increased competition and the desire to have more affordable & attractive options, your customers will continue to look for alternatives. And frankly, alternative solutions are everywhere. The phenomenon may be familiar to you if, after searching for a black dress on Google, you started seeing different black dresses on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

It is the same for your potential customers. Catching them on only google search is just one point on their shopping journey. If you want to catch their attention and make them buy your products, you should be visible and promoting your products on other platforms where they are online.

Controlling which channel your landing page is getting traffic from is the easiest way to make sure your campaigns show up on different platforms.

Meet with “Untapped Marketing Channels by Landing Pages” insights.

It highlights and alerts you if your popular landing pages is not promoted on specific channels.  Don't forget to set a notification to be notified of changes.

The above example is one of the use-cases of this insight. This brand has valentines day promotion but they only got sessions from google ads & criteo; they are not visible on social media. But it is valentines day, your competitors are on social media and bidding aggressively to attract your potential customers. If you don’t aware of this missing channel, it also causes you to waste the money spent on other channels as well.

This one is an important opportunity but heybooster have other landing page analysis & alert inside, so activate your landing page insights and turn on the notifications!

Tips. How to turn on your notification about landing pages?


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