Unlock the Next Level of Your SEO Strategy with Top-Performing Google Ads Keywords

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İsmail Atasoy
Nov 4, 2022

SEO or Google Ads? Apple or pear? These two questions are almost exactly the same. Because both have different uses and serve different purposes. However, as in apples and pears, there are cases where SEO keywords and Google Ads keywords can be compatible together. You can even measure your SEO performance with Google Ads keywords.

It may not be very effective to separate the two completely and try to develop your whole business marketing strategy by following these two separate paths in different ways. Because by crossing these two paths at the right times, you can prevent the loss of time and effort. So, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. It's not that easy, we seem to hear you say, right? It's actually that easy. Because everyone makes the mistake of thinking that SEO and Google Ads are issues that need to be handled separately. In this article, we will give you tips on how to increase your SEO strategy with Google Ads keywords.

Ready? Let's start!

How Does Comparing Google Ads Keywords with Organic Keywords Affect Your SEO?    

1) Draw a Quick Roadmap

One of the biggest differences between Google Ads and SEO is that your investment in SEO is actually aimed at the goals you expect long-term results. Because when SEO is involved, we always say that cliché sentence; “Rome wasn't built in a day.” That's why developing an SEO strategy is a future-oriented investment that will bear fruit for you after a certain period of time.

On the contrary, Google Ads is used for strategies created for the goals that need to be achieved in a much shorter time than SEO. Of course, although there are differences between them in terms of usage, Google Ads can actually offer you ideas that can be very useful. Because Google Ads allows you to see what works and what doesn't, thanks to its structural system that gives fast results. Thus, you can save both time and budget.

You can create your SEO content strategy based on Google Ads keywords. Thus, instead of focusing on keywords that may not give the performance you want even after a long time, you can focus on keywords that you have already received positive feedback on.

2) Expose and Convert

You know the main logic of ads, don’t you? By making users familiar with a product or service, brand awareness is provided and the user network is expanded. Google Ads can also be used with the same logic. With Google Ads, you can actually introduce yourself to users and create potential customers by appearing in front of them more than once. Users turn into potential customers by visiting your site with the ads they come across. Although there are many different ways to convert them into actual customers after this stage, it can actually happen spontaneously.

Since you increase your visibility by using Google Ads keywords, users may turn to buy your products by relying on the authority you created when the same brand name comes up again. In this case, you convert the potential customers you exposed to paid keywords into actual customers.

3) Ranking increase in non-branded Keywords

As we said before, Google Ads keywords increase your SEO performance indirectly. One of the biggest indicators of this is that after you increase your visibility and branded keywords performance with Google Ads keywords, your non-branded keywords ranking will increase indirectly.

Branded keywords are not only the products or services offered by your company but also the keywords that directly include your company's name.

Non-branded keywords, or generic keywords, are keywords that contain the names of the products they sell or the services they offer, not the names of brands.

So how can you use these two in your SEO growth strategy?

You can increase your visibility by using non-branded keywords for Google Ads and following different strategies to become a known and reliable brand for users. Thus, users who contact your site and content in different ways may try to reach your site by using branded keywords in the future. This allows you to organically increase your site traffic and improve the ranking of branded keywords.            

It's time to learn more about non-branded keywords and learn the wonders of heybooster!

How to Check Keyword Ranking in Google Analytics

Checking how the keywords are performing regularly and making the necessary comparisons will provide positive feedback on your overall business marketing performance. However, doing this manually will cause a waste of time and effort. Therefore, you will need a tool that will compile and present this data for you completely automatically. When you are looking for a suitable tool for you, the first options you come across are free trial SEO services and Google Analytics.

However, if you do not have previous Google Analytics experience and have not attended any courses on it, it can be a very confusing process for you. Because of its complex interface and almost unique language, it can become a very frustrating system for Google Analytics users. It doesn't sound very good, does it?

Don't worry, heybooster is here! Remember, where there is a problem, there is a heybooster for solutions😌 heybooster will be your biggest support thanks to its handy interface that allows you to access the data you want with just a few clicks. Moreover, thanks to heybooster's daily, weekly and monthly alert options, you can be notified immediately when there is any change and take the necessary steps.

Now it's time to meet your new support!

How to Compare Your Google Ads Keywords with Your Organic Keywords

With heybooster, you can compare Google Ads keywords and Organic Keywords very quickly in just a few steps. Let's see what these steps are!

1) To take your first step into the world where heybooster makes everything easy, the first thing you need to do is register!

2) Then click on the Integrations title on the left and connect the data sources with heybooster.

3) In the third step, click the Insight Categories title on the left and run the Google Search Ads package.

4) Finally, click on Organic performance of ads keywords on the page that opens.

5) It's that easy! Now you can compare Google Ads Keywords and Organic Keywords with heybooster

Combine the Power of Paid and Organic with heybooster

Now, instead of asking the question of apple or pear, we are sure that you have started to ask the question of how can I blend the flavors of apple and pear🤔 The way to achieve this blending is through heybooster. With heybooster, it becomes easier to find the best keywords for Google Ads. In this way, you can highlight the moves that will increase your SEO performance and thus create a cycle with an interaction within itself.

In addition to these, you can maximize your performance by having Google Ads Search Query Performance Reports. By checking these reports regularly, you can more effectively control your overall performance in paid keywords and not overlook the details. Moreover, being familiar with the different usage purposes of different Search Query Types will be very important for you to understand the intentions of the users. In this way, you will also learn tips for creating your SEO growth strategy.

Let's learn the details of Google Ads Search Query Performance Reports and keep boosting your performance!

Instead of completely separating organic and paid keywords, which is the mistake of many marketing teams, it would be a much smarter strategy for you to combine these two with heybooster and make an analysis. Thus, you can both focus on the missing points by considering many different details and create new patterns by considering the good points. Moreover, with the alert options, instead of constantly checking data manually, you can focus on different points while heybooster makes the necessary analysis for you.


We have mentioned that Google Ads Keywords and Organic Keywords do not have completely separate points from each other and that there are methods to combine different strategies used for both. In this way, you can unlock the next level of your SEO strategy!

With these methods, you can increase your overall business marketing performance and advance your position in the ecommerce world. Of course, don't forget to take heybooster, your most reliable companion, on this long journey with you🚀


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