Shopping Funnel: Tracking Shoppers' Behavior

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If you have an e-commerce store, most probably one of the your goal is to create a flow that will encourage users to shop again and again. There is a way to follow that request and develop an approach. You can call it Conversion Funnel or Shopping Funnel. When people visit your e-commerce site, you want them to shop all the time, and this approach allows you to make measurements that will make it happen.

The shopping funnel report is one of the most explicit reports that will demonstrate to you how the shopping path of users coming to visit your e-commerce website is shaped according to the steps in their purchase behavior.

There are 3 common issue that you need to track so that this shopping funnel can show accurate results.*

  1. Technical errors
  2. Omitted page in the funnel
  3. Payment gateways

Having difficulty tracking these three common problems in your shopping funnel could indicate that either an issue with your site is causing a loss of sales, or you're losing data from measurement errors.
Even if you do optimization studies that can increase sales on e-commerce store, your optimizations may not work unless you fix your shopping funnel problems.

life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.

But, there's a way to track shopping funnel behavior by data of device category, operating system, source / medium, etc. Heybooster insights tell you there's an issue with notifications and understandable charts if you have an unexpected problem on shopping funnel behaviour.

(*)Funnel Analysis: Finding and Fixing Conversion Problems with Google Analytics


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