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Neslihan Emikoglu
Jan 27, 2022

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You want to know what affects your sales but you don’t know which reports will answer your questions. There is no single factor that influences sales. You need to take care of everything; from the value of CPC to the keywords you are visible on organic results.

But now no worries, heybooster make analyses for you, just search for what you are looking for. You don't need to jump from platform to platform, or pages to pages on dashboards.

If you need reports on ROAS, just search ROAS; if you need reports about products, just search products. heybooster will list analyses related to your search.

Here are the most searched keywords;

  • Revenue
  • Keyword
  • Seo (my favorite**)
  • Product
  • Landing page

Bonus ūüéČ If you don‚Äôt find what you are looking for, use ‚ÄúRequest an Insight‚ÄĚ, our data experts will review and prepare your insight.

Have any questions? We are on live chat at the right bottom corner of (Moreover, this is an automated email, but I reply to every message).



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