How to evaluate the overall performance of campaigns?

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Emre Can Kartal
Jun 13, 2023

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Marketing campaigns don't always fuel the same stage of the user funnel.

However, when a drop in user engagement is observed, associating it with a specific campaign can offer invaluable clues.

These insights facilitate swift identification and resolution of the underlying issues.

Techniques and tools, like heybooster, allow us to monitor these changes closely, driving timely adjustments to our strategies.

Scenarios and Campaign Impacts

#1: For instance, there may be times when we encounter difficulties in displaying our products to users. This could suggest issues with our visibility or reach strategies.

#2: In other situations, users might show reluctance to add products to their carts. This behavior indicates potential roadblocks in the online shopping experience.

Such scenarios can be triggered by various marketing campaigns, emphasizing the intricate nature of digital marketing strategies.

#3: The purpose behind each campaign plays a critical role in its eventual impact. For instance, Facebook catalog campaigns primarily boost users' product add-to-cart and purchasing actions. In contrast, Google Display campaigns often focus on attracting new users and stimulating interest in our products.

This disparity among campaign types shows that various campaigns nurture different customer journey stages.

We can align our campaign goals with the specific user funnel stages we aim to enhance, thereby optimizing their impact.

Why you need an comprehensive campaign overview

Having a holistic view of all your campaigns at once is not a luxury, but a necessity.

It empowers you to spot trends, monitor changes over time, and compare the effectiveness of different campaigns.

This wide-ranging perspective can be crucial in comprehending the broader impact of your marketing efforts and guiding future strategic decisions.

With heybooster, you can see the performance of all your campaigns on one screen. This gives you a clear picture of which campaigns to eliminate and where to allocate more budget, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Join heybooster to see the performance of all your campaigns on one screen.


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