Funnels are great but have you ever try to use product landing pages?

Customer shopping funnels can be visualized many ways; some just focus on customer engagement, others highlight the lifecycle of shopping behavior.

However, in the big picture, especially in retail eCommerce, %60 of the revenue is coming from customers who already know what they are looking for. (it doesn't mean stop brand awareness campaign, we will talk about it later in another post.) That's why if the product resonates with the customer's needs, great! the first step is already done with shopping campaigns.

Although shopping campaigns are one of the most powerful ways to capture users' attention outside of the website, It is critical to providing a high-quality experience after they landed on your page.

The users who come from shopping campaigns already like the product somehow from the ad's image, to confuse them with another product, show a different variant of the product on a listing page, or redirect them to the home page will probably waste your budget and return nothing. Try to have control over these different product pages and campaigns and add your daily routine or let heybooster to notify you if this or other conversion killer show up.

If you've got any checkpoints & insights you use to have an awesome campaign, just send yours to have automated daily custom audit. 🚀


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