Managed bids increase visibility

Google Ads
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Kader Ağdağ
May 27, 2021

Display ads are one of the one effective way to build brand awareness. To maintain that effectiveness, you have to make sure the ads are visible to your target audience every hour.
You should careful to keeping the campaigns' visibility as high as possible is to keep control of the campaign's sources. So, you should aim to control the budget and placements for the display campaigns. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it is said.
The budget of your campaigns should be under control, and in doing so, you should ensure your visibility to your potential customers a hundred percent so that the strategy you plan will succeed.

For both cases, the two most essential suggestions that can help you solve this problem are:

  • Each wrong click will cost you money. If it's not an app campaign, restrict the visibility of mobile apps, mobile games, etc., from placements. It is very likely to click the ad in such placements accidentally. While your competitors invest in such places, you can target high potential settlements with your budget. So you'll be able to rise in your CPCs with no problem.
  • If you don't want to restrict your visibility in placements like apps, games, and video content, there is a crucial metric you should look at. This metric is the Bounce Rate that is very important to understand the quality of the placements you invest in. Despite the high CTR here, placements with a very high bounce rate are the best method to detect that you are investing in wrong placements.

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