Is your Google Analytics GDPR Compliant?

Neslihan Emikoglu
Mar 24, 2022

Due to non-compliance with GDPR rules, most businesses risk their data on Google Analytics.

While there are simple solutions to get users’ allowance, why is this still happening?

It is still an issue for 60% of the online business because adding only the consent requests widgets to your website is not enough to be GDPR compliant. Google Analytics collects data via several sources like page URLs, custom dimensions, events etc. Any personally identifiable information (including email, phone number etc.) you sent to Google Analytics risk your overall data and affect you as the business owner or manager.

You should control your Google Analytics account continuously if there is any personal data collected. It is not a one time task because any release from the IT department cause this data to send Google Analytics again.

Meet with heybooster Google Analytics Audit; heybooster audit your Google Analytics account for GDPR Compliance and alert you if any personal data is detected.

Let me give you an example and mini-case study by heybooster. One of the biggest eCommerce companies in European has already experienced it luckily before it causes a disaster.

The company have started to collect users’ emails and passwords on page URL. Because Google Analytics shows page path directly on its panel, anyone can have Google Analytics access can reach any users’ account. It is huge.😱

After the company ran their Analytics Audit on heybooster, they discovered this big security gap and took steps to fix it. Now, the issue pops up in different ways sometimes, but HeyBooster alerts them when it has a low portion.

Try Google Analytics Audit for your account to analyze your Google Analytics account GDPR compliance.


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