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Charu Mitra Dubey
Aug 18, 2022

We all know how crucial is data when it comes to running a business. Huge volumes of data are curated and analyzed to get actionable insights for today’s consumers. However, the process of pulling out data from various sources and getting meaningful insights from it isn’t easy if you don’t use the right business intelligence tools.

While there are a plethora of business intelligence tools out there, Google Data Studio is one of the most popular tools, however, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Luckily, heybooster is a tool that provides all the features that lacks in GDS.

In this article, we’ll be comparing these two tools to understand which tool suits you the best.

What is Google Data Studio?

The data reporting tool Data Studio is an open source, cloud-based tool that makes it simple to create customized dashboards and reports thanks to its user-friendly design.

Data Studio is a tool built by Google and so it offers support to all other Google tools like Google Analytics. Firebase, and Google BigQuery. Moreover, Data Studio has the sharing abilities of common Google products, so it makes it easier to share the reports or dashboards with other users. Lastly, the tool also supports popular on-premise data sources like MySQL.

Google Data Studio: Features

  1. Google Data Studio is open source.
  2. It supports all of Google’s offerings including Google Analytics, BigQuery, and Firebase. Moreover, it also provides support for many data formats.
  3. Multiple data collection sources. It eliminates the need of managing multiple versions of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel files.
  4. Interactive data visualization.
  5. Real-time collaboration means multiple users can work on the same data visualization.
  6. Its easy-to-use with a very intuitive UI.
  7. It can help you to create 14 different types of charts for your reports.

When to use Google Data Studio?

Based on the key features of Google Data Studio, it may be a good fit for your organization if your use case satisfies most of the below-mentioned conditions:

  • You just want to set up a simple dashboard based on limited data sources.
  • Your growth report is based mostly on Google tools.
  • You don’t need complex data transformation support before reporting on data.
  • You don’t have a problem with your data being taken outside your premises.

What is heybooster?

With heybooster Insights, you can track your entire marketing strategy with daily marketing audits and next-step alerts, which are powered by AI. This tool combines data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console, and more, and it is designed to monitor your complete marketing performance.

heybooster: Features

Actionable Weekly Insights: heybooster sends weekly summary reports with some specific points related to your marketing performance. This way you won’t miss any important insight that can affect your website growth or miss any growth opportunity.

Easy-to-Setup: Unlike Google Data Studio, heybooster has its own support team that can set up the reports and customizes them as per the needs.

Smart Alerts: heybooster sends smart alerts to let the users know whenever unexpected changes happen.

Predictive Analytics: heybooster can predict user key metrics like cost and revenue from the beginning of the month. It helps you to decide the current month’s goal and also act proactively if it shows that you are not on track.

Multiple Data Collection Sources: heybooster pulls out data from multiple sources including Google Analytics, AdWords, Social Media, and more to offer users a single dashboard with all the data they need for their marketing reports.

When to use heybooster?

  • You need help with setting up your reports.
  • You need weekly reports that can help you not miss any important data changes.
  • You require support for complex data transformation.
  • You want to be alerted whenever any unexpected changes happen.
  • You don’t mind spending on business intelligence software.

Google Data Studio vs heybooster

  • While in Google Data Studio, you need to do everything yourself, heybooster’s customer success team does it for you.
  • Google Data Studio doesn’t send weekly executive reports to the users but heybooster does that including all the crucial data changes that happened recently.
  • heybooster smart alerts let the users know about any unexpected changes. Data Studio has no alerting feature.
  • Google Data Studio is not apt for medium-sized businesses as it has a limit of 50 components per page but heybooster has no such limits.
  • heybooster can help you predict some key user metrics at the beginning of every month. Google Data Studio doesn’t do that.
  • heybooster is faster than Data Studio. DS interface is generally slow and complex but heybooster is really faster than it and a lot of reports are pre-available.


Both Google Data Studio and heybooster can support most standard business intelligence use cases, however, the key difference here is that heybooster works as an external member of your team instead of just being a performance tracking tool. So, if you're a medium to large enterprise with no human resources or have budget constraints and you need support to keep tracking your data and churn-out meaningful insights from it without putting much time or effort, heybooster should be your choice.
Want to learn more about heybooster, let’s schedule a call to get you started.


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