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İsmail Atasoy
Apr 21, 2023

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Did you know that businesses with strong sales growth are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their competitors?

So how do you increase your sales?

Of course, with a sales performance report! A sales performance report contains critical data on your sales performance within a specific period.

With proper understanding of this report, you can create improvement strategies that will increase your sales performance.

How to create sales performance report in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics has been a go-to for eCommerce businesses. Google Analytics 4 is an updated version of this tool, but it has the same complexity issues as its predecessor, making it challenging for many to analyze their data without proper training.

In contrast, heybooster is a more user-friendly alternative for data analysis that does not require technical expertise. With heybooster, marketers can easily obtain their website traffic report and gain insights into the performance of their online business.

Unlike Google Analytics 4, heybooster has a simple interface that helps users avoid the frustration of getting lost in a sea of data.

Moreover, heybooster provides instant alerts when there are changes in the data, allowing marketers to quickly adjust their strategies and take prompt action. With real-time data and analysis, businesses can better understand their customers and optimize their marketing efforts to improve their bottom line.

How to create sales performance report in heybooster

  1. The first thing you need to do to get the sales performance report with heybooster is to sign up!
  2. In the second step, click on the Integrations title on the left and connect heybooster and data sources.
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  1. In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Product Performance package.
  1.   And that's it! Now you can see all the important KPIs in your sales performance report with heybooster. If you want, you can instantly be informed about the changes in the data by clicking the Set a Notification option.
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Now create your own GA4 sales performance report!

What should be included in GA4 sales performance report?

The important metrics and KPIs to include in your sales performance report will vary depending on your goals. However, some of the most commonly used and essential KPIs to include in your report are:

Best selling products

Identifying your best-performing products can provide valuable insights to boost your sales growth.

Why is this insight important?

Identify trends

Knowing which products are most popular among users helps you understand trends and analyze user behavior. This way, you can create stronger product lists when deciding which new products to offer.

Inventory management

It is critical to keep the inventory of your best-selling products under control and prevent the product from going out of stock. Additionally, instead of overstocking poorly performing products, you can allocate your budget to these products.

Sales forecasting

By reviewing prior sales data, you can create more accurate forecasts about future sales. This way, you can arrange all your production, advertising, and sales processes more successfully.

Competitor analysis

You can compare your products with the best-selling products of your competitors in the same industry and gain a better understanding of your position in the competition.

Products whose sales have decreased

heybooster’s insight helps you identify products that have decreased sales despite more cart additions. With this insight, you can see products that have features that attract user attention and encourage engagement but still have low sales.

Why is this insight important?

Identify potential issues

If users are adding a product to their cart but not completing the purchase, there may be technical or product-related issues that need to be addressed. Identifying products with low sales can help you understand potential issues.

Now, find out the details of why users are leaving products in their carts!

Improve sales strategy

Once you have identified the reasons why users are leaving products in their carts, you can focus on creating new strategies to improve sales. This can lead to more successful sales strategies.

Enhance customer experience

By addressing the issues that negatively affect the user experience during the purchase process, you can enhance customer experience. This can lead to a decrease in abandoned cart rates and an increase in sales.

Increase revenue

Identifying products with decreased sales despite more cart additions can assist in increasing profits and revenue by targeting the underlying causes of the problem and implementing successful solutions.

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Products with high sales potential

High-potential products are those that best match users' search intents and are of interest to them. To understand if a product has high sales potential, there are certain metrics that can be used:

Product Detail Views

High product detail views indicate that your products attract users at first glance and make them want to get more information about your product. This metric is important to understand the interaction between users and your product.

Product Added to Cart

A high cart add rate is an indication that the user is really interested in your product and that it fully fits the search intent. This is considered a product with high sales potential.

Cart-to-Detail Rate

This metric can show how many users your product appeals to. A high rate indicates that your product attracts the attention of users enough to add the product to the cart.

Product Unique Purchases

A high rate of unique purchases indicates that your product appeals to a wider audience and has a high sales potential. Knowing how many different users interact with your product and complete the purchasing process is useful data that can create different strategies.

heybooster tracks all these metrics together and puts the products into a scoring list. This way, you can see your high potential products.

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Now, look at the details about products with high sales potential!

Stockout products show up on ads

Sometimes, without realizing it, you continue to show out-of-stock products in your advertisements. This situation will affect your overall performance in many ways. Therefore, you should identify and take action on these products. By detecting these products, you can control many critical points.

Why is this insight important?

Customer experience

If users click on an advertisement and then click on an out-of-stock product, they will likely be disappointed and quickly bounce from your website. By preventing out-of-stock products from being displayed on advertising platforms, you can improve the user experience.

Ad spent optimization

Promoting out-of-stock products in your ads can seriously harm your budget. Identifying these products can help you control your ad spend and redirect it to more appropriate areas.

Inventory management

A significant percentage of ads for out-of-stock items may indicate a problem with inventory management. By monitoring this pattern, the brand can detect and manage inventory issues more quickly, reducing the likelihood of future stockouts.

Brand reputation

Visitors may perceive a brand as untrustworthy or disorganized when they encounter advertisements for out-of-stock items. The brand can maintain its positive image and avoid negative associations with stock outs by identifying and removing these ads.

Of course, heybooster can provide insights that go beyond the ones mentioned here that you can add to your sales performance report, such as:

  • Conversion rates for your product categories
  • The connection between impressions and sales for products
  • Your highest ROAS products
  • Products sold from the most popular landing pages

You can access these and other critical insights through heybooster.

Final Words

In conclusion, a sales performance report is a vital tool for businesses to increase their sales performance and outperform their competitors. While Google Analytics 4 is a widely-used data analysis tool, it can be challenging to navigate without proper training.

Fortunately, heybooster offers a more user-friendly alternative for businesses to obtain real-time data and analysis, which is crucial in optimizing marketing efforts and understanding customers.

The sales performance report should include essential KPIs such as best selling products, products with decreased sales, and high sales potential products.

By tracking and analyzing these KPIs, businesses can improve their inventory management, enhance customer experience, and increase their revenue.

Therefore, creating a sales performance report and understanding its metrics is essential for any business looking to boost its sales performance and remain competitive in today's market.

Now, let’s create your sales performance report with heybooster!


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