Don’t Waste Your Google Ads Budget on Out-Of-Stock Products

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İsmail Atasoy
Mar 28, 2023

Imagine how disappointing it would be for users if the products you show to users as "Hey, look what I'm selling" are out of stock😵 If the number of users who are interested in your product among dozens of websites and products but cannot reach the result they expect, of course it will be annoying.

There are also negative aspects for you. If the products you promote in Google Shopping Campaigns are out of stock, it means that your advertising budget is wasted. Because every time users interact with the product and your website, you are spending advertising budget for a product that is not in stock and will not be converted into sales. Therefore, you need google shopping out of stock reports.

In other words, products that attract ad traffic despite being out of stock can cause disappointment for both parties. But of course, many different factors can also give you clues as to why you need to identify these products. Let's see what these important points are!

How to Detect Stockouts with heybooster

Here comes the fun and easy part! heybooster is ready to optimize your overall business marketing performance. And this is something you can easily do in just a few minutes and clicks, so let's get started!

1) The first thing you need to do to step into the magic world of heybooster is to register!

2) In the second step, click on Integrations on the left side and connect heybooster with data sources.

3)In the third step, click on the Insight categories heading on the left side and run Revenue Growth Opportunities package

4) Then click on The most abandoned products in the cart.

5) And that's it! By clicking on Set a Notification, you can be aware of instant changes and take action.


As a result, one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself, and your users is to quickly detect out-of-stock products and make the necessary improvements. Otherwise, both your visitors will have a bad user experience and your overall marketing performance will decrease. This will not only affect your budget but also shake the trust of your users. You can get help from heybooster to quickly prevent this situation, which causes many negative reasons for both parties, and you can take action quickly.

Now meet the opportunities heybooster will offer you!

Importance of Detecting Out-Of-Stocks

1) Maintain budget control🤑

Products that are out of stock but still drive traffic to your site can seriously affect your overall marketing budget. Because every time users click on the products you promote in Google Shopping Campaigns, this causes a click cost for you. Normally, if you promote your products with a strong strategy, these click costs will not be a problem for you in your overall performance. Because thanks to the strategies you create, you can gain conversions and enable more customers to complete the purchasing process. However, if the product that users click to review is not in stock, this is nothing but a waste of money for you. Therefore, you need to detect out-of-stock products to prevent this loss of money.

2)Prevent your competitors from stealing your potential customers🏁

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, 21% to 43% of users leave your site to look for another website or brand if they cannot find the product they are looking for in your online store. In this case, although you sell products that attract users' attention visually or in terms of product description at first, users

they start looking for different alternatives. In this case, while your budget expenditure increases, your competitors can attract users who cannot find what they are looking for from you. To prevent this situation, users should not encounter out-of-stock products.

3)Keep users loyal to you🥰

We all know that users in the eCommerce world are very impatient and at the same time they want to complete the purchasing process as quickly as possible. Especially if they are very interested in the product they want to buy, they hope that the purchasing process will go smoothly from the beginning to the end and that they will not encounter the slightest error. As such, if users are drawn to your product among hundreds of products and that product is not in stock, the bells are ringing for you😊 Probably that user has left your site, never to come back again. If you are not a very big brand, users may hesitate before coming back to shop again because they will see a product out of stock as a big deficiency. To prevent this situation, your products must be constantly in stock.

When you think about the points mentioned above, you can see how important it is to identify out-of-stock products. As you will notice, all these important points are connected to each other in some way. In this case, out-of-stock products can cause you different problems that grow with the domino effect.

So, it is critical to quickly identify out-of-stock products and be regularly informed about this issue.

How to Prevent Stockouts

Now that we have emphasized the importance of detecting out-of-stock products, the next question is how to prevent this situation and how to detect these products.

One of the first things to eliminate this problem as much as possible is to have a strong inventory management system. But in general, we can see from studies that sometimes even this cannot eliminate the risks of stockouts completely. However, with inventory management systems, you can prevent out-of-stock products from constantly causing you problems and minimize the risk.

To avoid having to worry about manually updating your database, it is ideal to utilize a point-of-sale or inventory system that changes inventory levels as you process sales. Since they let you manage many businesses from one location, such solutions are also advantageous if you have various locations.

Another way to avoid this is to connect all your retail platforms if you're selling via various channels. Usually, this implies linking your POS system with your online store. By doing this, you can make sure that your stock levels are updated each time you make a sale and that all of your catalogs are in synchronization.


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