Top Databox Alternatives? (Comparisons & Reviews)

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Bengü Demirtaş
Jan 8, 2023

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Your digital marketing team needs a trustworthy performance tracking tool that will satisfy all the needs of your eCommerce business. In this article we break down why you need to pick a Databox alternative for better performance.


heybooster transforms your marketing data into automated reports with actionable insights that you can start implementing immediately to improve your business strategy. It’s a user-friendly tool that saves you a ton of time through its automated reporting and alerts.

heybooster does not require any prior technical knowledge. Tech savvy digital marketers and creatives with limited coding background can all use heybooster and customize according to their needs.

How can you start improving your business performance with heybooster? It’s so simple!

  • Teleport to the sign up page and start discovering the ease of heybooster! 🚀
  • Integrate all your sources with one click!  All you need to do is log in and click on integrations on the bottom left. Then you click on data sources and get connected 🔗
  • Go to Insight Categories and explore to your heart’s desire! 💘

You can lay back and let heybooster do the work for you. heybooster will let you know of any anomalies in your data immediately so that you can take care of any possible issue without any delay 🏃💨

If you want to be notified about any specific insight, you can set a notification with a single click!

But this is not all. Let’s check out how heybooster will make your life easier 🍀

  • Speed

heybooster will never make you wait 🥰 Don’t worry, heybooster values your time more than anything. You can create reports in the blink of an eye and view insights without delay.

heybooster will track your progress even as you sleep. You don’t need to worry about changing reports and fluctuating data. You can view whether you are on track to reach your goals whenever you need. This way, you do not need to worry about constantly checking the changes in your progress.

Just click on goal tracking on the left. You can add new KPI’s and track the old ones easily and without delay.

  • Automated Alerts

While heybooster keeps track of your progress, it makes sure to let you know of any problem points immediately. You will be notified of any sudden changes in your performance through email notifications.

To set a notification, click on Insight Categories on the left and pick the category of your desired notification. Then click on the insight of your choice and set a notification through the green button:

  • Report Automation

With heybooster your reports are automated and prioritized for you. You can customize according to your business needs however, you don’t have to deal with creating individual reports every single time.

What’s more, heybooster shows you the most important reports automatically. You do not need to analyze pages and pages of reports to figure out which one is the most relevant to your business needs.

To view your automated reports, click on Reports and pick among the several options depending on your focus. You can then share your reports through the generated link or export the file.

In case you need proof that heybooster is the best out there, here are a few more Databox alternatives to compare 😏

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is part of Google’s collection of digital marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. It is a cloud-based alternative that accommodates users with limited technical knowledge.

Data Studio may be a good Databox alternative depending on your needs. If your main data sources are limited to other Google platforms, Data Studio is a good alternative as it allows for easy integration.


  • Google Data Studio allows for integration with other Google tools including Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Big Query and Search Console. If your reporting habits are centered around Google tools, Google Data Studio may be advantageous.
  • It offers a customizable dashboard with eye-pleasing visuals. If you are just starting out, you can use the built-in templates for a quicker adjustment period ✍️


  • While it does accommodate limited technical knowledge, if you are a complete beginner, Google Data Studio may still be difficult to learn. The learning curve may be a bit steep for your team members with no or little technical background ⛰️
  • Data Studio allows for integration with other Google tools for free but if you want to connect to other platforms, you will need to use external connectors. These may increase your spendings 💰
  • While Data Studio seems quite accommodating of collaborative work at first look, updates in real-time can take longer than initially expected. Users of Data Studio have reported delays in live updates and data refresh.


Cyfe is another cloud-base marketing reporting tool that is a good Databox alternative. eCommerce professionals who are looking for a tool that is beginner-friendly are likely to enjoy Cyfe 🎯

Cyfe is best for small and mid-size eCommerce companies. Freelancers can also benefit from the tool. It uses AWS to ensure the security of its users’ data, so you don’t need to worry about leakage.


  • Operating on Cyfe does not require in-depth technical knowledge. However, users have reported accidental erasure of data. So you may need to look out for any possible mishaps 🧐
  • It offers dashboard templates that incorporate different channels including Facebook ads, Youtube, Twitter and Web Analytics.
  • Cyfe offers multiple pricing options based on your needs. This way, you can decide which plan fits your budget and needs and purchase accordingly 🔎💸


  • It’s a bit too simple when it comes to reporting. It may be hard to incorporate more complex customizations that your eCommerce store requires. The number of available widgets may seem too limited for more tech-savvy teams 🛠️
  • Users have reported unexpected loss of connection with previously integrated apps. This means that you may occasionally have to deal with reconnecting your apps and not getting too mad when your reports appear empty 😢


Geckoboard is a tool for dashboarding KPI’s and data reporting. Geckoboard is another Databox alternative that is easy to use with a premise of simplicity 💪 This tool also allows for integration with multiple platforms and is overall recommended for small businesses. While it’s also suitable for larger businesses, smaller/mid-size companies will have the optimum experience with Geckoboard.


  • Geckoboard has easily understandable and appealing visualizations that help make sense of complicated data.
  • You can share your Geckoboard dashboard through shareable links. You can also embed your dashboards. Easy access to the dashboards make collaboration easier.


  • Users have pointed out the limited functionality of the app when it comes to integrating multiple data sources.
  • Geckoboard has different pricing options depending on your needs. However, if you are planning to integrate more than 30 sources, you may have to pay more than expected.


Klipfolio is a cloud app for monitoring business performance. It’s another great Databox alternative, especially for start-ups, agencies and small to mid-size eCommerce companies. It is easy to use with plenty of visualization options. Klipfolio’s strongest suit is its ability to pull data from more than 130 sources.


  • It has a wide range of visualization options. You can use the pre-built templates in Klipfolio’s library or customize your dashboard using HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Klipfolio offers practical sharing options through scheduled emails, through slack messaging or PDF option.


  • The learning curve may appear to steep for users with limited technical knowledge. Klipfolio’s chart creation process requires programming skills depending on the complexity of the desired chart.
  • User’s have reported speed issues when loading dashboards and reports. A slow loading time might effect the efficiency of your workday ⏰


NinjaCat helps digital marketing teams and eCommerce professionals create understandable reports with engaging visuals. NinjaCat pulls your data from your sources to help you create dashboards that meet your business needs. It is a good Databox alternative for eCommerce professionals who like to tinker with templates and reports.


  • The interface is quite easy to understand. NinjaCat does not require extensive technical knowledge. Team members without any technical background can understand it fairly easily.
  • NinjaCat helps monitor your performance easily. You can set goals and compare your performance accordingly. You can also set alerts for your budget.


  • Loading times can be a problem with NinjaCat. You may need to wait longer than you are prepared for when running reports.  


Swydo is a cloud-based performance monitoring tool alternative to Databox, for eCommerce businesses. With its user-friendly interface and widgets and templates, Swydo is a good option for eCommerce professionals that would like to start out with minimum effort.


  • Swydo allows its users to pull data from a large number of sources. If you are operating on a wide range of platforms, Swydo’s capacity of source integration from more than 2000 options will be useful.


  • Swydo’s customization options are limited. Users have reported difficulty in customizing fonts on the dashboard.
  • You may have difficulty with content grouping on your dashboards as Swydo does not offer this option.

But what is missing from Databox exactly?

Databox may seem like a good option at first look. However, there are many things you need to consider before you commit to a tracking tool. Before we start with the alternatives, let’s check out what’s missing from Databox.

1. Long Page Load Times

Unfortunately, users have reported long page load times in Databox, especially when it comes to generating reports ⏳ Why should you wait? You should be able to get your reports immediately upon demand.

A long load time can be extremely annoying if you are operating on a tight schedule. Since you will be creating reports on a regular basis, load time is an important factor to consider when choosing your performance monitoring tool.

What’s more, you may also experience lagging when moving elements across the dashboard. This may seem like a small problem, but imagine using this tool everyday and coming up against the same issue consistently. Small delays like these will be costly for you in the long run, especially considering the pricing.

2. Lack of Automated Alerts

Databox does not allow for users to set alerts for any sudden changes in their reports. This means that you will have to check for any possible changes regularly, looking for anything out-of-ordinary every time you log on. This is a pretty tedious task which will surely be dreaded by most marketing teams.

You may want to look for options that allow you to set alerts for changes. This way you will not need to make an extra effort checking and figuring out the significant changes. You will be able to spend your energy on implementing solutions to the problem points instead.

3. Lack of Automated Report Prioritization

Unfortunately, when it comes to creating reports and highlighting the most important figures, all burden falls on you. Databox will not automatically create reports and alert you of the most significant ones on its own. You have to create your own reports and decide on prioritization by yourself.

This lack of automated prioritization will surely lead to wasting a lot of time. Until you figure out which reports are more important and which reports you don’t need as much, you will be going through a period of trial and error.

Further, what if your needs change? If you start implementing a new strategy, the most important reports for your business may change and you may have to start all over again to figure out what you should be paying more attention to.

This means that you may want to look for a Databox alternative that creates automated reports for you and alerts you of the most important figures without you having to look through endless pages.

Since you know why you need to consider switching to a Databox alternative now, let’s check out some options!


What your digital marketing team needs in a performance tracking tool is speed, automated reports and notification of any sudden changes. Appealing visuals and customization options will be the cherry on top.

heybooster is an excellent Databox alternative with its fast page load, automated reporting and notification options. What’s more, with its user-friendly interface, heybooster will save you a ton of time that you would need to spend on steep learning curves and tedious reporting processes on other softwares.

Hop on to our sign up page for a fresh breath of air with easy reporting and automated insights!


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