Tracking Google Shopping Campaigns Product Impression Performance

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ńįsmail Atasoy
Oct 14, 2022

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Google Shopping Campaigns, which can help you at many different points such as increasing the traffic to your website, promoting your products and increasing your visibility, do not see enough value from time to time. Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the search query when users search for a specific product in the search engine. This is actually a very important feature that you can use to grow your business in the eCommerce space. In this way, it is a very good chance for you to promote your own brand or website to users who focus on a particular product. Because when users search, first of all, they see high-quality pictures and prices of your products at the top of the search query. Moreover, it is a very useful feature as users can access detailed information about your product with Google Shopping Campaigns even before they click on your product's link.

But of course, as with everything in the eCommerce field, it is important to follow up regularly and keep everything under control. It is critical that your Google Shopping Campaign gets enough impressions and is constantly visible to users. Otherwise, you will not be able to show the performance you want and you will not get enough efficiency. Therefore, it can be very beneficial for you to have sufficient knowledge of Google Shopping Campaigns and to know how to maintain control where necessary. That's exactly why, in this article, we will give you useful information about the Google Shopping Campaign. Let's start then!

Why Isn't My Google Shopping Campaign Getting Impressions?

There are many reasons why your Google Shopping Campaign is not getting enough Impression. These may be related to Product Feed, Google Ads or Campaign issues. We have compiled some of them for you.

1) Country Where the Product Is Listed
After optimizing everything, if your products are still not visible to users on Google and you can't get enough impressions, one of the reasons for this may be that the country you are targeting to get the impression from or the country you are in is not available. To check this you can check Google's availability by country and make sure everything is correct.

2) Check the images
In order to advertise your products, not only the content but also the image of the product should be in its best form. Images that are of poor quality or that do not meet Google standards may not be accepted by Google, which may affect your impression.

3) Check variants
One of the things you need to do to fully complete your feed is to use variants. Thanks to these variants, you can improve your feed and offer different options to users. However, if you choose the option to add variants and leave these variants blank, Google will not show your product and feed to users until you fill in these blanks. So make sure you fill in every blank.

4) Check Billing
One of the most important points to check is whether Google can charge you or not. If there is a problem with billing, Google cannot charge you and your ads will not be seen by users on Google. In order to avoid this problem, you need to check whether your credit card is working and billing details.

5) Connect Google Merchant and Google Ads
Sometimes problems can be much simpler than you think ūüėä We recommend that you make sure that your Google Merchant account and AdWords account are connected before you start looking for more complicated problems.

6) Bids Too Low
If you are just starting out, it is a wise strategy to start small with bids, but if bids are too low, this may affect your impression. To avoid this situation, you can choose average bids and make different changes in the future.

7) Negative Keywords
With Negative Keywords, you can save your ads from appearing in irrevelant searches, so you can avoid wasting your money. However, if negative keywords are not used correctly, it can cause you to miss the points that can be productive for you. To prevent such a situation, you can check whether you have added negative keywords containing your search terms. Or you can leave the control directly to the Google algorithm by not using negative keywords and choose not to spend time on this situation.

8) Audience control
Thanks to Google Ads, you can create a target audience and run a more specific campaign. However, this may not always give the results you want. If you narrow your audience too much, it will negatively affect your impression and indirectly your business marketing performance. Therefore, not narrowing all your campaigns and not restricting your target audience too much can bring you much more positive effects.

What Is the Importance of Tracking Google Ads Shopping Campaings Impressions?        

Having a high impression of your Google Ads Shopping Campaigns can create benefits that will directly increase your business marketing performance. Thus, your products, which are more visible to users, become the representative of your brand and increase your advertising performance. A high Impression can be an indication that your Google Ads Shopping Campaign is performing well. This indirectly brings you a lot of positive feedback. Let's see what these are!

1) Your Potential and Actual Customer ratio increases
Thanks to the high quality pictures of your products and the product information that appears with the picture, users will have information about your product without wasting time, and if your product meets the user's purchase intention, the user completes the purchase. Thus, you will save some of the effort spent on moving users from potential customers to real customers, and your quality score will increase as the number of users who make the purchase increases.

2) Broader Presence
For a given user search, more than several of your Shopping ads may show, and if applicable, a Shopping ad and a text ad may appear together. This implies that your user reach for a single search might more than double.

3) Tips about your performance
By regularly tracking your impression, you can get information about how your performance is in general, thanks to other metrics. If the impression is too low, you can understand that there are some overlooked points such as the wrong advertising strategies and the problems we mentioned above. Likewise, if the impression is high but the conversion rate is low, you can make inferences and take the necessary steps as if you are not running a campaign that appeals to user intentions.          

How to Get Google Ads Shopping Campaigns Impression Report

With heybooster, you can access the Google Ads Shopping Campaigns Impression Report with just a few clicks. Let's see what these steps are!

1) The first thing you need to do is to register to step into the magic world where heybooster makes everything easy and fast for you.

2) Secondly, click on the Integrations title from the left side menu and connect the heybooster with the necessary databases.

3) Then click the Insight Categories title on the left to run the Google Shopping Performance package.

4) Then select Product Impression Details from the page that opens.

5) And that's it! Now you have Google Ads Shopping Campaigns Impression data.

How to detect products that suddenly lose impression in Google Shopping Campaigns?

It is one of your main goals to check whether your Google Shopping Campaign has a satisfactory impression and to get a high impression. To achieve this, continuous manual control would of course cost a lot of effort and time. That's why you need a helper who will check everything for you fully automatically and send you an alert when necessary so that you are aware of the situation. That support comes from heybooster! heybooster lists the products for you that have received high views in the last week, but have suddenly dropped or have not achieved any views. Thus, it allows you to see in which products you cannot get the impression performance you want. By controlling the impression performance of your Google Shopping Campaings with heybooster, you can prevent loss of income by showing products that have lost views. Moreover, you can see all these fully automatically, and you can also be notified immediately when there is any important change by choosing the option to receive alerts about products that are in decline.

Meet heybooster to make things much easier and take you one step ahead!


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