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Bengü Demirtaş
Jan 28, 2023

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One thing a digital marketing team should not leave to chance is their data analysis tool. If you are an eCommerce professional looking for the right reporting tool for your business, you should check out as many options as possible before you commit. Although Whatagraph may seem a viable reporting solution, there may be more than a few features missing from Whatagraph which you can only find in top Whatagraph alternatives.

The accuracy of your data analysis is crucial as it will guide your growth strategy from day one. This means that you need a reporting tool that you can fully trust before you begin thinking about implementing strategies to remedy your weak points. In this post, we will talk about why you should consider deciding on a Whatagraph alternative and what that alternative may be.


heybooster is a digital marketing reporting tool which helps eCommerce professionals remedy the weaknesses and develop the strengths in their business strategy effortlessly. heybooster takes the weight of your shoulders through its automated reporting, anomaly alerts and actionable insights so that you do not have to spend hours upon hours trying to interpret your reports.

Users with extensive technical background as well as first timers with no coding experience can all enjoy the features offered by heybooster. This means that there is almost no learning curve when starting out with the tool so that you can start improving your business immediately upon signing up. Let’s check out the best features of heybooster to give you an idea of what you have been missing! 😎

  • No more waiting

heybooster is among the fastest reporting tools that you will ever come across. heybooster pulls the data from integrated sources in no time and presents you with your reports in seconds. This means that you no longer have to waste precious time waiting for the pages, dashboards or reports to load. You can start improving your business immediately upon sign up. This is especially important if you are working in a fast-paced environments with multiple clients waiting for your call.

  • Automated reporting

heybooster’s automated reporting will save you both time and energy. And it’s not just automated reporting but also automated prioritization. This means that once heybooster creates your reports, it will also prioritize among these reports to show you the most urgent issues that need your attention. In this way, you do not have to look through your reports with no clue where you should start.

heybooster tells you where to start and what to focus on. It gives you clear and concise insights into what you should be doing to fix your problem points and further improve your strengths. This is a great way for marketing professionals to focus on growth rather than waste time with interpreting the numbers.

  • Anomaly alerts

What if something unexpected happens like changes in keyword trends, or a problem with one of your landing pages? Will you have to figure out the problem by checking all your data one by one? With heybooster, you don’t have to check at all. When any sudden change occurs in your data, heybooster alerts you immediately of the change.

You can set notifications for changes in any specific metric that you would like to focus on with a single click. If you are wondering how you are doing with your ads clicks, you can just set a notification to be notified of any significant changes so that you are always on track with your digital marketing strategy.


Databox is a Whatagraph alternative that may also be worth considering. With its user-friendly interface and well-rounded feature set, Databox appears as a strong option as a Whatagraph alternative.


  • Databox offers strong visualization options including a practical drag-and-drop dashboard feature. This makes the interface easy-to-use. You can customize your dashboards freely and choose the metrics you would like to see according to your needs.
  • Databox also offers pre-built templates for users who prefer a quick start.


  • Users have reported delays in number updates with data from integrated sources. This means that you may end up with outdated reports if you are not careful.
  • The learning curve is a bit steep for users with limited technical background. You may need to spend some time getting the hang of things as you begin which may be frustrating if you are working on a tight deadline.


Agency Analytics is another good Whatagraph alternative for eCommerce professionals that are working on multiple projects at once. With AgencyAnalytics, you can generate multiple reports using data integrated from multiple platforms and visualize the data according to your needs.


  • AgencyAnalytics offers a wide range of customization options both for your dashboards and reports which makes the visualization of complicated data easier and personalizable.
  • AgencyAnlaytics also presents an extensive list for source integrations which means that you can analyze your data from a wide range of platforms, rendering your reports much more accurate.


  • The pricing options are limited and may not be affordable for smaller companies.
  • Unfortunately, users have reported unattractive visuals in reports when using the tool which may be difficult if you plan on presenting your results to third parties.


Supermetrics might be another Whatagraph alternative to consider if you are looking for a wider range of source integration options. Supermetrics allows you to merge data from multiple sources and allows simple reporting with its pre-built templates.


  • With its clean visuals, Supermetrics can be beneficial for eCommerce professionals that would like to present their findings in a practical manner to their clients.
  • Supermetrics pre-built templates are easy to use and helpful if you want to save time.


  • It seems that Supermetrics can be difficult to navigate due to its not-so-user-friendly interface. Users have reported that the lack of alerts in cases of query failure can be impractical.
  • Users have reported delayed response times when generating reports as well as faulty data extractions which may be a problem if you do not have time to double check your reports.

Why might you be looking for a Whatagraph Alternative?

  • Delays and Bugs

Unfortunately, Whatagraph’s user experience is not the smoothest when it comes to displaying dashboards and reports. Users have reported long loading times when building reports. Another problem according to Whatagraph users were the bugs.

Unfortunately, the tool becomes very difficult to use due to the frequent bugging issues. Users have reported problems with data display by date, loss of connection to integrated data and related faulty reporting.

This means that comitting to a tool like Whatagraph without doing a sufficiently in-depth research may lead to lose tons of time waiting. You should carefully consider before committing to a reporting tool that might be difficult to use with long wait times and frequent bugs that take a bit longer than expected to fix.

  • Lack of Depth in Reports

Whatagraph may not be the best option for users who would like to have in-depth and hyper-detailed insights into their marketing strategy due to its limited number of source integration options. Users have complained of Whatagraph’s lack of flexibility and of the limitations of the features it offers.

Especially if you are an agency working with multiple clients, Whatagraph may not be the right choice for you. Users with several clients have reported difficulty in sorting between reports for different clients and implementing the relevant filters.

  • Unsatisfactory Customer Service

Another problem with Whatagraph which users have pointed out is poor customer service. Whatagraph is based in Europe however, customers from different time zones have reported long wait times when trying to get in touch with customer service. This may be a problem for companies that work with tight deadlines.

Now you know all the reasons why looking for a Whatagraph alternative might be a good idea. Let’s check out your options!


If you haven’t noticed already, heybooster is the best Whatagraph alternative out there! Unfortunately, Whatagraph does not offer sufficiently detailed reporting. Users have also reported frequent appearance of bugs and delay issues which can be extremely frustrating. While the rest of the alternatives are also worth considering, heybooster’s incomparable speed and anomaly alerts are significant features that any good digital marketing team should be using.

Join the world of heybooster to start improving your marketing strategy immediately. All you have to do is sign-up. With no learning curve, its attractive visuals and smart features, heybooster will help you transform your business.

Join us now!


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