Top Swydo Alternatives (Comparisons & Reviews)

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Bengü Demirtaş
Jan 15, 2023

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Are you looking for a data analysis tool to get insight into the problem points in your business strategy? Perhaps you have already picked an alternative but are not sure if it will satisfy all of your needs. If want to make sure you are not missing out on better options, we focus on why you need to check out Swydo alternatives for better performance.

What are the weak points of Sywdo that you need to be aware of?

Swydo has caught your attention but there are a few things to consider before you commit to a data analysis tool that you will rely on for all of your digital marketing reports. Swydo


heybooster is a data analysis tool that helps digital marketing teams manage the problem points in their business strategy with ease. With its user-friendly interface, heybooster is the answer when it comes to turning complicated data into clear and actionable insights.

heybooster is the best option among Swydo alternatives due to its smart analysis features including anomaly alerts and automated reporting. It is equally friendly to technical experts and users with limited or no coding background.

To dive into the world of heybooster with ease:

  • Start by dipping your toes on the heybooster sign up page! 🏄
  • Start by integrating all your sources to get the most accurate insights 🕸️ Don’t worry about switching from tab to tab. All you need is on one page.
  • Have a look all the insight categories that is available to you with one click! 🖱️

But what makes heybooster special?

1. Anomaly Alerts

heybooster will keep you updated constantly with its anomaly alerts 🚨 You don’t have to frantically keep checking for changes in your marketing reports to find out what is missing from your strategy. heybooster does the checking for you and notifies you when you need to pay close attention.

heybooster’s anomaly alerts will save your marketing team so much time. Instead of spending your energy on constant report checking and trial and error runs, you can focus on how to implement the actionable insights heybooster provides for you.

But how do anomaly alerts work? For example, if there is a sudden drop in your ad clicks, you will be notified immediately so that you can figure out the problem as fast as possible.

2. Fast Reporting

With heybooster, you will never have to wait. Unlike its competitors, heybooster can pull data from your integrated sources in seconds 🏃💨 This means that you get your reports and insights on demand with no wait times. You don’t have to deal with delays. This means you can spend al your time focusing on growth and improvement.

Speed is extremely important when choosing the right data analysis tool. Since you will be creating reports and looking for problems on a regular basis, you need a tool that will not slow you down at every turn. With its exceptionally high speed, heybooster is a perfect choice.

3. Actionable Insights

heybooster takes the weight off your shoulders through its prioritized reporting and actionable insights. Depending on your business and digital marketing strategy some reports will surely be more important than other reports for improvement. While with other tools you may have to figure out which reports are more important than others all on your own, heybooster prioritizes your reports for you 🥇

With heybooster, you don’t have to keep looking for the best combination of insights to figure out what you need to focus on. heybooster will keep track of your process and give you recommendations to fix the problem points. This way, you do not need to waste time on trial and error.


With its customization options and attractive visuals, NinjaCat is a good option among Swydo alternatives for marketing teams with a visually creative focus. The tool pulls your data from your integrated sources to create dashboards and templates. NinjaCat also has several templates that you can choose from.


  • NinjaCat’s user interface is easy to understand. The members of your digital marketing team with no or limited coding background will be able to use NinjaCat without difficulties.


  • Unfortunately, loading times can be a problem with NinjaCat occasionally. If speed is among the first things you look for, NinjaCat may not be the best alternative.


Looker is another good Swydo alternative with plenty of integration options that make data watching easier. Looker also seems to stand out with its customization options and the flexibility of its dashboards, Looker may be a good alternative for digital marketing professionals who are looking for adaptable options.


  • Swydo’s integration options allow for detailed comparisons across platforms. You will better understand your strengths and weaknesses through Looker’s comparison options.


  • Page load times can be unreliable and certain features may stop working occasionally. Several users have reported instability as one of the problems of the tool.


Supermetrics is a great Swydo alternative if you are looking for extensive integration options. Supermetrics allows you to connect your data from a wide range of platforms. If you feel overwhelmed, you can use the prebuilt templates for an easy start.


  • Supermetrics allows you to connect to a good number of platforms. It also allows you to built reports with data from multiple marketing channels. This means you can make comparisons and dive deep into your data for insight.


  • Beginners may have hard time placing certain metrics and generating reports as the learning curves may be a bit steep. Users have also mentioned that integration can be challenging in practice due to the complexity of the design.

Why should you consider different Swydo Alternatives?

1. Too Slow

User’s have reported extended waiting times when generating reports and loading dashboards on Swydo. Some users have even pointed out occasional loading failures. This means that if you are planning to generate reports and create new dashboards on a regular basis, you are looking at a ton of time wasted on waiting.

For digital marketing teams with busy schedules and long to do lists, this is detrimental to better performance. This is among the most important reasons why you should consider Swydo alternatives.

2. Poor Customer Support

Regular users have pointed out customer support issues when using Swydo. Several users have voiced difficulty solving issues through customer support when in need and long wait times for email communications.

This means that if you come across an issue that seems unsolvable without the help of Swydo experts, you may have to go through a challenging process. This will definitely slow down your process and most likely, it will also affect your morale.

3. High Prices

One of the most common complaints about Swydo is its price range. Users have reported dramatic price increases which may be difficult to keep up with for smaller companies with limited budget options.

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you may want to look into better Swydo alternatives, let’s check out your options! 🛍️


Now that you have seen the better alternatives for Swydo, we can tell you with confidence that heybooster is the best option out there! 😉

For a frictionless data analysis experience, your digital marketing team needs a tool that is fast, smart, and practical. With its incomparable speed, anomaly alerts and steadfast focus on problem-solving, heybooster will carry your eCommerce business to success!

Dive into the world of heybooster and start improving your business! 🌊🏄


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