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Bengü Demirtaş
Feb 3, 2023

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One of the most challenging tasks an eCommerce professional has to learn to optimize is data analysis and reporting. It can be very easy to get lost among countless numbers and pages of reports while trying to figure out how to improve your business strategy. DashThis may seem like a good way to optimize this process however before you commit to a reporting tool like DashThis, you may need to consider some DashThis alternatives that may be better for your business needs.

In this post, we will tell you why a DashThis alternative may be better for you in the long run. Although DashThis may seem like a good option at first look, the tool has several shortcomings especially if you are looking for a frictionless user experience and would like to have flexible pricing options.

Why you might be looking for a Dashthis Alternative?

  • Inconvenient Source Integration

Users have reported difficulties when integrating sources on Dashthis. Unfortunately, integrated data can show up with fault in your reports at times. This means that the data available on the source may not show up correctly on the report you generate on Dashthis due to connection issues. Users have also pointed out the limitedness of integration options where several important platforms are not available for integration with DashThis.

Users have also pointed out that there can be glitches in the data reflected on the reports on Dashthis sometimes and that to get the most accurate reports you may need to refresh your pages more than once.

If you find that you need an integration that is not available on Dashthis, you will have to fill out a contact form which may take a bit long to actually be implemented. This means that if you have more than one source you would like to integrate that are not available for integration on Dashthis, you will have to wait a while to see them offered for integration.

  • Limited Customization Options

Dashthis has limited customization options when it comes to reporting and data visualization. It is not possible to customize the visuals and its user experience can be difficult if you are working with a large data set. While the tool is easy to use, the simplicity of the structure may be too limiting for users with more advanced needs when it comes to diving deep into the data.

If you are working with clients with more advanced reporting needs or if you are planning a deep dive with a need to slice up the data and change things about the visualization of information, DashThis may not be the perfect option for you. Changing the date ranges in your reports is definitely an issue on DashThis. Unfortunately, chart types are also quite limited on the tool

  • Limited Pricing Options

Users have pointed out that the pricing options offered on DashThis can be impractical. Some users have even reported that the pricing is a bit expensive compared to other DashThis alternatives. Especially if you are working with a moderate amount of dashboards, it may be difficult to find the right pricing option for you as the pricing packages differ significantly. While the starter package offers too few dashboards but is affordable, the professional package is the other way around. It has a good amount of dashboards included but is definitely not as affordable. This means that you will have to choose among options that may not be appropriate for your needs, especially if you are working with a limited budget.

You have seen all the reasons why DashThis may not be the perfect option depending on your needs. Now on to finding the right DashThis alternative.


  • Automated Reporting

heybooster’s automated reporting will save you so much time and energy. You do not need to keep refreshing to generate accurate reports with heybooster. What’s more, heybooster will also prioritize your reports for you according to the needs of your business as well as the urgency of what you need to improve.

Especially if you are just starting out on your improvements or if you are lost among countless problem points that you would like to remedy immediately, heybooster will have your back at all times. With heybooster, you can integrate all your sources with one click and automate your reports with ease. All your data from your integrated sources will show up in your weekly reports. You will get prioritized insights into your data with recommendations on how to improve your numbers.

Automated reporting is a perfect way to optimize your marketing analysis as you can just focus on improving your business strategy without having to worry about creating accurate reports and dealing with a large number of data from several sources. heybooster will take care of the reporting and generating insights so that you can quickly figure out how to develop an effective marketing strategy.

  • Anomaly Alerts

With heybooster’s anomaly alerts you will always be prepared for any unexpected situation. If any sudden changes occur in your data, for example, a sudden drop in your conversion rates, a problem with your landing pages or an unexpected rise in your shopping cart abandonment, heybooster will let you know instantly. heybooster will keep track of your data for you so that you don’t have to keep checking for changes.

If there is a certain metric that you would like to track with special attention, you can simply set a notification to be alerted when any change occurs. This will allow you to focus your attention on problem solving rather than frantic tracking.

  • Speed

You don’t have to deal with glitches, bugs or unbearable waiting times. heybooster is among the fastest tracking tools out there. It will never keep you waiting. You can generate reports with a few clicks in seconds and spend your time working on improvements to your business. The data from the integrated sources will be pulled with no waiting times and your report will be generated with ease on heybooster. For eCommerce businesses with little time to spare, having a fast and easy-to-use tracking tool is among the most important factors to successful strategy optimization. With heybooster, you can start working on your weaknesses and developing your strengths as soon as you sign up.


Swydo might be a good DashThis alternative for eCommerce professionals dealing with a large set of data and are looking for suitable templates built for integrating multiple sources at the same time. Especially if you are working with more than one client, Swydo might be good choice when it comes to simplifying complicated data into readable and organized reports.


  • Widgets are extremely handy when creating reports on Swydo. You don’t need to spend too much time on trying to learn how to navigate the platform. Using widgets and prebuilt templates, you can focus on your reports more easily.


  • Customer support can be insufficient when dealing with complicated problems that you cannot figure out on your own. Users have emphasized difficulty with obtaining quick results through the help of Swydo experts.


If you work collaboratively with a large marketing team, Datapad may be a good DashThis alternative for your business. Datapad’s strongsuit is its mobile app. So if you are constantly on the go, you may find Datapad to be quite handy.


  • Datapad is very suitable for marketing team that work collaboratively. You can communicate with your marketing team on the Datapad app easily and exchange suggestions and alerts relating to your data and reports.


  • Unfortunately, Datapad is not yet available for desktop. This means that you have to work in a limited visual space and this may be a hassle especially if your business is more desktop based.


Geckoboard is another DashThis alternative that offers a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Geckoboard’s integration options are definitely competitive. Their support team will help you solve any problems that you cannot figure out on your own.


  • Geckoboard’s visuals are definitely attractive as well as easy to understand. The tool’s learning curve is fairly easy to navigate and you will have no problem starting out with the tool with limited or no technical experience.


  • Geckoboard does not offer a wide range of customization options. If you are working with multiple clients, getting custom reports and specifically tailored dashboards will be a challenge on Geckoboard.


Now that you know why you might need a DashThis alternative and which alternatives you may want to consider, you also see that heybooster is the smartest and most practical option out there. To start improving your marketing strategy, all you need to do is teleport to heybooster sign up page. From there, building reports and getting actionable insights into fixing your problem points and working on your strengths is as easy as taking a breath!


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