Top Tapclicks Alternatives (Comparisons & Reviews)

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Ä°smail Atasoy
Jan 8, 2023

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In order not to be left behind in the eCommerce world, you decided to make sense of the data and chose a data analysis tool to guide you. However, if you are reading this article, it seems that the data analysis tool you have probably chosen is not very successful in guiding you🤔

It is of course very critical to analyze your business marketing performance correctly and take the necessary actions. Because if you don't make a retrospective comparison of your current situation, you probably won't be able to see your successes and failures.

However, in order to help you, the data analysis tool you choose must be perfect in every sense. Because you have to keep up with the rhythm in the eCommerce world where dynamics change quickly.

That's why, in this article, we will tell you about Tapclicks alternatives and get you one step closer to the perfect data analysis tool😊

Best Tapclicks alternatives


If you are looking for a data analysis tool that will help you create the right strategies, heybooster is ready for the task with its powerful team! With the motto "Make sense of your marketing data", heybooster can help you simplify complex structures. heybooster will be the right alternative for you, which will allow you to take the right steps to boost your business marketing performance.

So why?

1) Fast analysis system

The first feature that makes Heybooster stand out from its competitors is that it takes only a few seconds to collect data from different platforms. Although the data is large and detailed, heybooster does not keep you waiting in front of the screen thanks to its fast data collection feature. Thus, you will not lose your motivation while creating multiple transaction requests in a row. So, if what pushes you to look for Tapclicks alternative is to get a fast processing time, you've come to the right place✅

2) Anomaly Alerts

Another of the most critical features that heybooster will offer you is anomaly alerts. It is of course very useful to track certain metrics on a weekly or monthly basis. However, the eCommerce world has a system that you have to constantly monitor due to both Google algorithms and fast-changing dynamics. Of course, constantly trying to manually check against unexpected situations will of course be both tiring and time-consuming.

In order to prevent this situation, heybooster will instantly alert you when there is any change in your data. Thus, you will not let go of your control against sudden situations.

3) Revenue growth opportunities

Another factor that will play a role in choosing heybooster as a Tapclicks alternative is the effect it will have on revenu. Many marketing teams focus on improving low-performing products by putting the products they think are already performing well into the background. But with heybooster, you can unlock the true potential of products that perform both well and poorly. Calculating a performance score based on certain metrics for your products, heybooster shows you the problems that prevent your products from reaching their true potential. In this way, you can boost your business marketing performance and increase your revenue.

4) SEO forecasting

The SEO forecasting tool from heybooster analyzes your recent and historical organic performance data using machine learning algorithms and makes predictions about how organic performance will change in the future.

Knowing the gaps in your SEO strategy and being able to fill them in is a significant benefit of data-backed traffic forecasts. By doing this, you can forecast how quickly your plans and objectives will be accomplished and give yourself a sense of direction. At the same time, you can determine how practical your goals—which in theory appear feasible.

Of course, the features of heybooster are not limited to these. Contributing to the creation of many success stories, heybooster is ready to help you reach your goal! If you are looking for another tool as an alternative to Tapclicks, you should definitely give heybooster a try.ğŸ˜Ž

Now take the first step to embark on a journey to success with heybooster!


Welcoming you with the slogan "Find true power in your data", Looker is another alternative tool that you can use to get rid of complex data analysis systems.

Looker, which allows you to integrate and analyze data from wide range of sources, can be useful as an alternative to Tapclicks. Thanks to this wide variety of integrations, you can make comparative analyzes. These analyzes will help you to understand the dynamics of different platforms and create new strategies.

In addition, when we examine the user comments, we can say that many users prefer Looker because of the dashboards. The flexibility and range of dashboards is very useful for users.

Also, Looker can become an important teammate with a strong customer support team that will come to your aid if you have any difficulties during the process. :)


Sometimes data analysis tools with so many features can become quite complex for users. However, right after you meet NinjaCat, they have a team that will support you to explain the details of the product and assist you throughout the process.

We can say that the confusion experienced by many of Tapclicks users will be minimized with the NinjaCat team.

In addition, NinjaCat helps users feel more free and comfortable with the customization option it offers. Thus, users can create different usage possibilities for themselves.

It will be very easy to save time with NinjaCat, which can bring together all your marketing channel reports and present you with a single report. Thus, this situation where you have to spend energy separately will now turn into a much more simplified system.

Because of these features, you can choose NinjaCat as a Tapclicks alternative.


Why might you look for Tapclicks alternatives?

Many marketing teams and data analysts use Tapclicks for its different features and successful performance. However, there are points where Tapclicks still lacks, and therefore users are not fully satisfied.

1) Technical problems 🖥️

When we look at the user comments, many people state that there are many positive aspects and that Tapclicks is a successful tool in many respects. However, they mention some points where it is technically inadequate.

For example, when they want to make a comparative analysis, they mention that the processing time takes a long time while collecting information from more than one data source. Of course, waiting for a long time while analyzing data for an eComerce marketing team is not at all satisfying. That's why we can see that the vast majority of users want Tapclicks to be faster.

2) Too expensive for small business💸

One of the negative situations stated by the majority of users is pricing. Of course, this is not a problem for companies with a much larger brand awareness and a high share in the industry. However, the marketing teams of relatively small businesses state that the profit they get for the money they give is low. That's why users demand optimization in prices.

This request can be met as normal because small businesses have fewer potential customers and therefore less profit. Therefore, after paying high amounts of money to a data analysis tool, the profit rate they get thanks to this tool will of course be low. Users who cannot find the satisfactory amount they want financially are looking for Tapclicks alternatives.

3) Agency-focused😐

Another annoying point for users is that it is not useful for every brand in the eCommerce industry. Brands trying to serve in different ways state that they feel a little lost in Tapclick. Marketing teams, who are confused because of the features that they do not use and that are not very useful for their work, state that they need a tool with a more simplified and easy interface for them.

In other words, in connection with the second reason, they complain about paying for many features they do not use and not being able to create the right strategies due to the confusion that arises. This leads them to wonder what Tapclicks alternatives are.

Of course, these are not the only reasons that users see as cons. There are other reasons why people from different sectors are unable to meet their demands. Therefore, although Tapclicks is the biggest helper of many users, some users feel the need to search for Tapclicks alternatives. That's why we decided to list the best ones for you as an alternative😊


One of the tools that marketing teams need most in the eCommerce world is, of course, the eCommerce data analysis tool. However, there may be confusion when they are not sure which one is the most suitable for them among so many options. One of these data analysis tools is Tapclicks. Although it has many users and can satisfy them, Tapclicks cannot fully satisfy some users due to some features that need improvement. If you have read our article so far, you are probably one of those people.

But don't worry! If you are looking for an alternative tool to Tapclicks due to financial situations, technical problems or not being compatible with your industry, you are at the right place. You can find the most suitable tool for you by giving a chance to the Tapclicks alternative tools mentioned above.

If you've already made up your mind and chosen heybooster, you can be sure that this is the best decision. 🚀 Whenever there is a marketing performance that needs to be boosted, heybooster is there! ğŸ˜Ž

Don't waste any time and take your first step towards the portal to heybooster's world!


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