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ńįsmail Atasoy
Jan 8, 2023

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If you're in the eCommerce industry, you've probably had to try different ways to deal with the scary waves of the data ocean by now. ūüĆä Because in the world of eCommerce, there are times when you need to analyze the situation and act quickly to improve your business marketing performance. It is a successful strategy to get yourself a helper to guide you and gather the necessary information in times like these. However, this assistant must be perfect in every sense.

No one wants to have to give the captain advice on what to do on a cruise, right?

If you chose as your helper and you don't feel safe in the deep waters of the data ocean, maybe it's time to find another captain as an alternative to ‚öď

Best alternatives to try out


If can't provide enough support to boost your overall business marketing performance, you don't have to go far to look for an alternative tool, heybooster is right here!

So why heybooster?

1) Fast processing time

Unlike many other tools, heybooster does not cause you to wait for the loading bar to complete while collecting the data you want. With just a few clicks, it provides you with all the data in a split second. In other words, may require enough time from you to get up from the computer and brew coffee in cases where many different data need to be collected. Don't worry, you can get rid of your coffee addiction with heybooster. ‚ėē

2) Unique metrics

If you, as a marketing team, cannot reach the exact metrics you want, this is no longer a problem! heybooster is up to the task to provide you with pinpoint metrics. If your reason for looking for alternatives is not to find unique metrics that will help you improve your marketing strategies, you can quickly request insight and create new strategies with heybooster.

3) Actionable AI powered insights

Although you organize meetings and brainstorm with the whole team to improve your marketing performance, sometimes there are details that you overlook. At this point, heybooster gives you a prioritized list of recommendations to improve your campaigns. Thus, it not only tracks the metrics, but also helps you make new plans through the data provided by these metrics.

4) Anomaly alerts

Of course, getting one-time reports and tracking metrics only at certain times is not enough to improve your business marketing performance. What you really need is to be in control at every moment of this long journey and to take action quickly. Therefore, if you choose heybooster as the alternative, you can be aware of sudden changes in your data and take the necessary steps. For example, if there is a sudden decrease in the conversion rate of the landing page of a product you promote in Google ads, heybooster will instantly alert you and inform you that something is wrong.

So you never lose controlūüėä

If you want to choose heybooster as a alternative, heybooster is up for the task! Get ready to embark on this long journey with heybooster now!


Another data analysis tool you can choose from alternatives is Supermetrics. Thanks to the systems they have created in the form of connect-analyze-automate, they try to offer the best performance to the marketing teams.

Thanks to Supermetrics, you can automate your performance marketing reports and dashboards. Thus, you can increase your performance in important points such as ad spend, conversion, ROAS.

Moreover, you can built cross-channel dashboards with supermetrics. So you can connect Facebook, LinkedIn, Taboola and many other critical data sources. After connecting all the data sources necessary for you, you will see your cross-channel data on a single screen. Thus, you can make comparative analyzes and see the missing points.


When you search for alternatives, one of the most likely data analysis tools to come across is Improvado. Improvado, which set out with the slogan "Centralize all your marketing and sales data in one place", serves thousands of users.

With Improvado, you can connect more than 300 data sources with zero code. In this way, you have the chance to obtain many different data at once. In addition, Improvado helps you visualize your data in any BI or Analytics software. With this feature, it stands out among many data tools.

With Improvado, which serves many big brands, getting lost in the data will no longer be a problem for you. With this tool, which you can choose as one of the alternatives, you can detect the points that hinder you in revenue growth. In this way, you ensure that your products reach their full performance.

Why might you look for a alternative?

It is clear that is one of the biggest helpers of many users in data analysis. However, users who still cannot find the satisfactory features they are looking for, turn to alternatives.

1. Pricing and processing time

When we look at the user comments, one of the missing points is the pricing and the slowness of the software from time to time.

Although is useful, if a marketing team is worried about the money coming out of their wallet when they do a price performance analysis, it means that prices need to be optimised. In such cases, it is necessary to either increase the quality of the service offered to the users or go for a more reasonable pricing option. However, when we look at the user comments, we can say that the users had a negative experience from a technical point of view.

Many marketing teams or data analysts do not want to see the loading icon while waiting for data to be collected in front of the screen to track business marketing performance. They want to see that the tools they spend a certain amount of money on each month have as fast and simple interface as possible. So even the slightest slowness can be annoying for them.

2.  Metric variety

At the same time, another feature that users need but cannot find in is metric diversity.

This issue, which pushes users to look for alternatives, is actually one of the most sought after features by many marketing teams. Because regularly tracking only the most well-known metrics in the eCommerce world will not make you successful. Of course, although tries to offer a wide range of metrics, when we look at the user comments, we can see that there are points where it is not enough.

This may cause marketing teams to overlook revenue growth opportunities. Because unique metrics can help a marketing team create different strategies for their needs. Therefore, metric diversity and being able to create unique metrics that every team may need is one of the features that make a tool stand out.

3.   Customer support, which provides you with the information you need by using data from many different data sources, is very useful thanks to this feature. However, some users may not be sure exactly what to do due to the complex and time-consuming interface. In such cases, problems can be easily resolved with quick customer support. However, if users have to wait for a long time to get answers to their questions, in this case, negative situations such as prolonging the project period may occur while creating new strategies. Such negative user experiences may lead marketing teams and data analysts to look for alternatives.

Of course, there are other points where, which has many users, is not enough to meet the needs of users.


To summarize, many users are not fully satisfied with, both financially and technically. That's why they are looking for alternatives. If you are one of the users who have this problem, data analysis tools such as heybooster, Supermetrics, Improvado can help you. Compared to, they are the first among alternatives with faster processing time, more metrics and simplified interfaces.

If you read our article in all its details and chose heybooster as the data analysis tool that can help you the most, we congratulate you! You made the right decision. Now all you have to do is take your first step into the magic world of heybooster. Don't worry, we will teach you all the magic you need to deal with huge waves in the ocean of data.ūüßô

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