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Bengü Demirtaş
Feb 25, 2023

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If you cannot decide between Supermetrics vs., we are here to help you pick the best alternative. Choosing the best reporting tool for the most efficient digital marketing analysis can be a challenging task. There are several issues you need to consider before committing to a digital marketing data analysis tool. In this post we will compare Supermetrics vs. to help you figure out the best option for your business. 

Data Storage 

There is a slight difference between the ways that and Supermetrics function. They deal with the data at hand in different ways. stores your marketing data on a third party server and pulls this data as needed for your dashboards and reports. This storage model is slightly more advantageous as it helps speed up the reporting and dashboarding processes. The loading times are considerably shorter in Users have also reported fewer glitches. 


Supermetrics does not store your data on a third party server. It simply redirects your data from your sources to different destinations. These destinations include platforms such as Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Excel or big data warehouses like BigQuery. This unfortunately, can mean longer wait times and/or glitches when generating reports however, it also means you can stitch your reports more easily across platforms.  


The functionality of the tools differ according to your business needs. Depending on the type of reports and insights you are after, you may want to pick a different alternative. offers a large number of connectors which you can use to extract all your marketing data across platforms. This allows marketing professionals that work across a wide range of platforms with several campaigns to have a more accurate, birds-eye understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. You can connect to more than 500 marketing platforms across the web with 


Compared to, Supermetrics allows for a smaller number of connections to marketing platforms. With Supermetrics, you can connect to more than 100 data sources. While this is still a large number of connectors, we have to admit that offers a larger selection of marketing platforms to connect to. 


While both and Supermetrics helps marketing professionals gain insight into the problem points in their marketing strategy, the process is not very straightforward. Collecting data in one place is easy in both tools however, gaining accurate insights may be a challenge for both. To get the most accurate and actionable insights to improve your business, heybooster is the better alternative.

The insights you will get on may suffer from connection failures. Users have reported occasional breaks in connection which affect the accuracy of the data used to generate reports. This may be a challenge for marketing professionals that need extreme accuracy, especially if you are working with external clients. Another problem with the insights that you will get through is occasional duplication issues. Users have also pointed out that when connecting data from several platforms, can create duplicates in data which messes up the reports. 


While Supermetrics helps eCommerce professionals get insight into their data, the bugs and glitches can be an obstacle against accuracy. Users have mentioned that the glitches is date ranges can mess up the data and therefore, can compromise the integrity of the insights. 

It seems that neither nor Supermetrics is completely satisfactory when it comes to creating accurate insights based on the connected data. This means that you may need to consider other alternatives before committing to a reporting tool. heybooster might be just what you are looking for with its anomaly alerts, automated reporting and revenue increasing insights. All you have to do is to join the community through the sign up page

Ease of Use

The user experiences in and Supermetrics are a bit different. If you have prior coding experience or technical background, you might get used to both tools more easily. However, if you have limited technical skills, your experience might be different across the two tools.

With, the learning curve seems to be steep. User’s have pointed out that when first starting with the tool, the initial configuration can be challenging and time consuming. This is definitely a drawback for eCommerce professionals that are working within tight deadlines. Still, the effort is rewarding with as users have also mentioned that once they had learned how to maneuver the tool, they appreciated its functionality. 


Supermetrics allows for a smoother start due to its pre-built templates and simpler interface. This means that there is almost no learning curve to Supermetrics. You can start using it effectively immediately after sign up although it may still take some time to figure out all its features. The one thing that hinders its frictionless user experience is the bugs and glitches. It can be extremely frustrating to use in the case of glitches and errors. 

If you are looking for a tool that is easy to use with no learning curve and no necessity for technical background, heybooster offers a frictionless user experience with almost no waiting times. All you need to do is sign up and heybooster will take over all your reporting assignments. 


There are different pricing plans according to different needs for both tools. pricing plans are a bit more straightforward while Supermetrics pricing plans are more individually customized. has three tiers of pricing plans in two categories: marketers and agencies. If you are a marketer,  you can choose from Essentials, Plus and Enterprise packages according to your needs. Unfortunately, does not offer a free version. If you are an agency, you have the option to choose from small, medium or large pricing packages according to the size of your business. The pricing options on therefore, are standardized. 


Supermetrics offers monthly and yearly billing options. There is also a free version of Supermetrics which you can try out before you commit to a monthly or yearly plan. There is also a custom pricing plan option which you can tailor yourself. Overall, Supermetrics offers more customized pricing options with the possibility of trying out the free version. 


As we have seen while both and Supermetrics has advantages, they also have significant drawbacks that eCommerce professionals shouldn’t have to deal with. While has good functionality and superior insights, it is difficult to use and does not offer a lot of flexibility in payment. While Supermetrics has flexible and customizable pricing options and an easy-to-use interface, it lacks accuracy and smoothlessness in reporting. 

Why should you have to choose between two options that do not satisfy your business needs? heybooster is here to put your mind at ease. With its user-friendly interface, automated reporting, anomaly alerts and actionable insights to increase revenue, heybooster is the better option in every category. 

March towards the gates of heybooster to start your journey! 


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