Payment Referral

Kader Ağdağ
Oct 7, 2021

The types of electronic payment methods are increasing day by day and many e-commerce businesses use these payment methods. That's actually a good thing, the easier the payment, the easier the purchase and the incentive to buy.

However, the situation that broke the measurements of e-commerce businesses is with 2-step verification that takes place during this purchase process and redirecting to the site again.

The user has made a purchase from the site and to complete the payment step, after entering the payment method and information, the user continues to pay again after the verification page to which user is directed, as if user came to the site through this bank, and writes the purchase process to this payment address by google analytics. In your marketing channel, it seems like the conversion value is 0 or just put it in the cart but didn't buy it.

If you saw an issue like that from the Analytics Audit Package then there is one solution; Referral Exclusion List.

How to add payment gateway to Referral Exclusion List

  1. Login to your GA account, and go to admin
  2. Once the Admin panel has opened, go to the Property section and click on the LoginTracking info
  3. Under all the lists that just opened, find the Referral Exclusion List
  4. Clicking on the Referral Exclusion List will expand with a red button, called Add referral exclusion, which you’ll have to click on
  5. And the final step towards adding to referral exclusion list – type in or copy & paste a domain or subdomain you wish to exclude in the field, and click “Create”

Done! 🎉


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