Old Routine vs The New Way

We simplify the marketing analytics process for you and provide you with alerts when necessary. However, you may need some insights that aren’t available on heybooster yet.

We are improving heybooster with a community-driven approach so each of your analysis requests will turn into actionable insights and find its place on your heybooster account.

Here is what is changed;

😩Your old routine;

Open Google Analytics → Find the related reports with your question→ Review the report → If there is a problem you see → Send to the responsible person on the team→ Ask your team about progress.

Spending hours for analysis + continuously on your mind to track.

😍The new way;

Sign in heybooster  → Turn on the notifications*  → Add your team  → heybooster alert you and your team if there is a problem. Don't worry about the unexpected changes.

Plus, heybooster tracks the insights for you and notify you if any changes occurred like your brand keywords have impression loss and your team got action to improve impression share. If their action works, heybooster again notify about the positive change.

If you would like to discuss it in 15 min session, I love small talks about data-driven approach 🤟 Just select your most suitable time.

*How to turn the notification for a specific insight category?


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