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Şahin Seçil
Dec 30, 2021

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Heybooster is growing fast, and your feedback is the biggest part of that growth! We want to share our success with you, so we're working on partnering up to grow together.

#1- Let’s build a data-driven community

Let's step back and look at our users. Some of them are clients with data-driven marketing teams, some are agencies/consultants running their operations data-driven. Data-driven projects are something they all have in common.

It is challenging to make sure that all marketing activities are data-driven. That brings out many opportunities with the workload. We thought it'd be great if we could help you meet the data-driven agencies/consultants that boost you to achieve your growth goals.

#2- Lifetime commission on new users

Most of our users come from you! You shared our solutions with your colleagues, clients, and on social media, and we grew. Why don't we share with you?

Most of our users meet with us on your shared report. After you share it with them, they're interested and want to sign up. So we’ll give a lifetime recurring commission if they upgrade their account within 6 months. You don’t need to push them. Our customer success team will be reaching out to them.

#3- More and more...

Tons of ideas come through us but our main focus is to build the best engine that figures out the marketing opportunities for you. Join our heybooster partnership community. Let's keep in touch and grow together.


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